Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome newbies!

A lot of people are seeing this blog for the first time. I hope that you enjoy it. Almost 5 years ago this webpage started to share some war stories and audio. Nothing quite like listening to what the radio was like in our glory years. There were a lot of similarities between being in the army at AFN in 1960, Navy at AFVN 1970 and Air Force at AFKN in 1980. Jim Pewter used to talk about having went to different high schools together and that's kind of what it's like. In 1943 AFRS started sending network shows and there were DJ shows at the stations. That system was largely in place until 1996 when the AFRTS-LA jocks were let go. They still provide programming, but it's largely the same satellite radio that were get at tiny stations here. The AFRTS-LA jocks were special and set a bar that I strived for. If you know someone who may appreciate this, drop them an email! Thanks for listening.