Friday, August 27, 2010

What have you been doing?

Blogwatcher Don Hammond suggested something neat.  What happened after AFRTS for you?  For myself, I knocked around in radio in Massachusetts and NH for another dozen years.  I had two goals, to get into Boston and to get crazy high ratings somewhere.  Pretty quickly I was at Curt Gowdy's WCGY-FM with his daughter as the PD, it was an interesting place.  Numbers were low, but a lot of fun.  The kind of place that seems extinct now. Few years later, it was to WSRS-FM in Worcester.  Station never had a lower than 40 share back then and all of the Boston stations banged in to the market.  It was a good run and AFRTS made it happen.  Now I do internet and telephone support for Comcast.  Why isn't there anything fit to listen to on the radio?