Friday, June 25, 2010

GI Jill

When AFRTS worked best, it was the Voice Of Home, a place to remember. Nowhere was that easier to see than by the presentation of women. During WWII Martha Wilkerson was GI Jill, a friendly neighbor. In the 1960s Chris Noel was very much a product of the times. Here's GI Jill:

GI Jill #842


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Date With Chris

During Vietman, actress Chris Noel did the “Date With Chris” show, one of the most popular programs in the history of the network. There are some examples in the blog. Since the war she’s run a shelter for veterans, still fighting the good fight. Take 10 seconds and help a great person.

Chris wrote in last week and asked us for a favor, please try to send some money to vetsville also, it's a good cause.

Hi there!

Please take the time to sign my petition -- information is listed below! I sincerely appreciate it.

CHRIS NOEL has been nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It is the highest honor a civilian can receive from the President of the United States of America. Please go to this website and click on the SIGN PETITION button to sign the petition.

P.S. Thank you so much for signing the guestbook!!!


Chris Noel, President
(561) 736-4325

More Chris Noel:

Just click here

Date With Chris 1968
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Charlie Tuna

The picture is Charlie with the late coach John Wooden in 2004,Radio Hall of Fame member Charlie Tuna is still great. A quarter century with AFRTS. 40 years on the air in Los Angeles. The city stays Tuna'd now on K-EARTH Charlie's K-EARTH page
When I was overseas Charlie was one of the key voices of Armed Forces radio. See why...

Charlie Tuna 1983
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Enchantment of Music

Over the years AFRTS presented a lot of classical music. Many times listeners had never really listened to it before and it created a respect for an ageless musical form. "Enchantment of Music" was originally from KCBH-FM, Beverly Hills. They went through a lot of trouble to change their city of license from Los Angeles to the upscale Beverly Hills. They presented their shows in "the matchless fidelity of frequency modulation". Who couldn't relate to that? Here's Bruce Lindell (Windell??)

Magic Of Music 1964
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Far East Network

The Far East Network was headquartered out of Japan and at times FEN was the callsign of stations in several countries. There was an interesting history. Air Force SGT Jim Dougherty has the highlights of the first 30 years.

FEN 30th anniversary 1975

Saturday, June 19, 2010

La Rita Shelby

She sure is keeping busy! "I am in a movie that opened in Atlanta & Charlotte last week and in Chicago today called Kings of the Evening. My songwriting partner and I wrote the song for the movie credits;-)

I am also the editor of headline stories now appearing at General Russel L. Honore, Rodney Peete and forthcoming articles on

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Rita Mack, ck the podcasts—I wrote those too;-)

Her website is

Friday, June 18, 2010

FEN Macabre in 1962

Macabre was produced by FEN Tokyo in 1961/62. William Verdier was the writer, producer and director. John Buey was the program director of FEN since the network began in 1946. The series was the winner of an informal competion between FEN and AFN. Eight episodes were produced.

Bob Kingsley ROCKS

Bob was an AFRS Keflevik vet (1960), then a career of jocking around Los Angeles before becoming the longtime voice of American Country Countdown for many years. In the mid-70s he was doing an AFRTS rock show

Bob Kingsley c1974
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Bob is still Doing the Country Top 40 Visit the website, listen to the show!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tom Campbell 1975 and 1976

One of the things I miss about radio in general is breaking talent. Can you believe at one time the industry would promote unknowns? I don't believe it either. Tom Campbell had such a neat conversational interviewing style. Here he is with Michael Allen, promoting him worldwide.

Tom Campbell AFRTS

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Here's some more of Tall Tom

Tom Campbell 1975
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Monday, June 14, 2010


What would you like to hear? There's a lot of material available. Thanks for telling your friends about the blog, there were a LOT of people who were at the networks, in the field listening to the shows or local nationals in countries all over the world. It's great to hear from you. Roland Bynum just sent a nice note. Thanks for that. He said that Herman Griffith was responsible for getting him on AFRTS. I hope someday to get the whole story. I've finally found the discography that Bozy White did of the first 3000 Pop disks in the library.

Unfortunately the spammers got me last week and I had to turn on comment moderation. What was your best memory of Armed (American?) Forces Radio?


Friday, June 11, 2010

Here comes the Wolfman...

Thanks Mark! Time for another visit with the Wolfman. Always a wonderful talent. Has anyone seen the Midnight Special DVDs yet? You know those have to be great.

Wolfman Jack 846
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AFN Munich 1973

Hans Knot sent an amazing piece of radio history. In 1973 the "Free Radio Campaign" visited AFN and spoke with engineer Air Force Tech Sgt Bob Strite and morning jock Mark Abbott. The picture is Jim Sampson at AFN Munich.

AFN Munich
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Charlie Tuna 1983

When you ask about AFRTS radio, Charlie Tuna is one of the names remembered most. Charlie was with us from 1972-96 and was doing the most consistant show I've ever heard. Last year I helped transfer a LOT of these. Great radio. Keep updated on Charlie at
The picture is Charlie with Stan Freberg.

Charlie Tuna 1983
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Herman Griffith

He sure rocked. Here's more of the KGFJ vet. I've only found one picture and no other biographical information. The picture is Jim Pewter, Herman and Roger Carroll. This is from the early 1970s...

Herman Griffith
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AFRS Iceland

We've located Karl Phillips!

Before I joined the Navy in 1970 I was a part time gofer at WQXI 790 in Atlanta where I learned ratio from some of the greats...Skinny Bobby Harper...Randy Robins (who is still a close friend here in the Atlanta area) ..Bob Bolton, Barry Chase. Went into Navy and went to Iceland as first duty station. Found my way to the quanset hut where AFRTS was and got them to let me go on air all nights on my time off from my regular job as a CT (communications technician) on the base. Loved it and yes we did have fans. The board was old - big cumbersome and what I would call a boat anchor. Found out later DJ Bob Kingsley was there when he was in the service and saw where he had actually carved his name in the control board....

Went to my next duty station in San Juan (guess they wanted to thaw me out) after a year in Iceland. I was there for 2 years and was able to get part time jobs at WBMJ 1190 (air name Scott Brady) and - WIAC-FM and a new start up station WRAI before discharge in 1974. Went back to Atlanta although got offers from those stations in PR.

Went to work for WGST here in Atlanta and lost that job because they went NEWS. Worked for MCA Records for a while and got out of radio. I spent about 8 years in radio. Should have stuck with it. I did do a little time in 2000 at WLKQ -FM with Randy Robins here in Atlanta.

I have been here at Ricoh since 1976 and about to hang it up soon. I sure miss radio. I am however a voting member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame since 2007 so I still dabble in it.

AFRS Keflavik Karl Phillips 1971
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