Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011 update

Wonderful bunch of transcriptions came in. Many were early library disks.  The rest were program disks.  Normally I don't get provenence on these (where did they come from?).  These came from the Pacific, primarily the Phillippines in 1944.  It's a different feeling when one can feel the history of _that_ disk.  They cleaned well and were mostly in great shape.  Hopefully you'll get a chance to hear them.  Also a bunch of One Night Stands, that was the bigband show that ran from WWII well into the 1960s, a bunch from 1955.  During WWII they started putting parts one and two of the same program on the same disk, they had to be flipped live.  In the civilian world they would have been on different disks to avaid dead air.  A lot of disks were damaged in wartime transit.  The network didn't want a broken disk to ruin two shows.  They were still doing that in 1955.  Why?

Discovery Channel has "Vietnam In HD" in pre-production.  Some AFVN/AFRTS clips may be in the final program.  Hi Doc!

Still rebuilding the new 12" turntable.  Anyone know where I can locate a 16" turntable?  Know anyone who has the stuff and would like to help with transfers?

December visits were 4884, January was 6118.  I know that's probably not all that interesting for the folks at home but more and more visit each month and I'm greatful for every click.  Thanks again!

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