Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lajes Field

Tony Mollica at Lajes Field

Thom -
Thanks for the fantastic site covering AFRTS. It's so nice to hear the recordings and the program hosts. For example Roger Carroll, who at Christmas time introduced himself as Roger Records” who played "carol’s"; Herman Griffith who started his show with a BIG EXPLOSION. If I remember correctly he ended his show with "Well the clock on the wall says that's all for excitement in sound and musical motion". Nice memories for me.

I always search any AFRTS Site for information or pictures of CSB83 Radio, Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. I was there during the era of mid 1967 to December 1968. I very seldom see anything for CSB83 covering that time frame. In an effort to generate interest and hoping someone else will send in information of CSB83 in that period here is a 1968 picture of me working the 4 to Midnight shift. Unfortunately I have no other pictures to pass on.

My first overseas air base was Clark AFB in the Philippines. I went there assigned as an Air Policeman. I had previous radio experience so within two days I was knocking on the door of the "American Forces Philippines Network" (AFPN) and shortly I was working there as a volunteer. I put in many hours on the radio and eventually earned a secondary AFSC (A job classification number similar to the Army MOS) for Broadcasting. After 18 Months I left the Philippines for Pane Field, Washington State, as an Air Policeman. However while there AFRTS advertised for volunteers to attend their Broadcasting school. I cut an audition tape and answered questions. My application was submitted. In about a month I received information I was selected but was not assigned to the school. I was sent directly to a radio station. That's when I went to CSB83 Radio.

Thanks again for the wonderful Internet site. I hope you can use this picture and if you have any questions about CSB83 Radio I will be pleased to answer them.

AFPN 1965 to 1967
CSB83 1967 to 1968
(Photo enclosed)