Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chris Noel 1968 interview

In 1968 Chris Noel was visiting the troops.  She stopped at Johnston Atoll and it was a big moment to get an interview.

My name is John Rodman and I was a sailor on Johnston Atoll from 1967-1968.
Sometime in 1968 Chris Noel's plane stopped in for fuel and she did an interview for our AFRTS station which I was able to record to reel to reel tape.  The tape and player are old and noisy but I converted it to MP3 just to save it for posterity?  Anyhow it is attached to this email and you're welcome to it.  Maybe a pro like you can clean up the hiss and uneven volume levels.  Some one might get a kick out of it, I know it was a big deal at the time.  There were no woman on the Island in the sixties!

Wonderful!  Thanks for sharing the memories.

"Really enjoyed the interview with Chris Noel. I remember well stopping at Johnson Island in 1951 on the way to Manila. There was nothing there but an old airstrip and gooney birds!"
Jim Gough
AFRS Sangley Point 1951