Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keeping busy...

I thought you may wonder where these things come from.  Last week I heard from a friend who located several hundred pounds of primarily AFRS transcriptions.  There are way too many to catalog at this time.

My friend is in Carolina, I'm in Minnesota.  The disks are in the northwest.  Naturally.
In the 70s, apparently in conjunction with a station closure at FEN (which stations closed in the 70s??), these ETs were rescued, shipped back to the states and simply stored for about 30 years and almost found their way to the dumpster...again.
Stations that closed in that timeframe include: FEN-Beppu, Nagoya, Wakkannai, Itazuke, Chitose ,Osaka, Kobe & Iwo Jima...
Someone with no connection to AFRTS or even broadcasting wasn't sure what they were but knew they were special, he stored them for about ten years and now needs the space and they could end up in the dumpster.  So we've been working on what would be involved in getting them heard again.
How often do these things get trashed?

If everything goes the way I think it will, there are going to be some happy listeners but these things take time.

If you ever run across these things and they need a good home please  let me know...