Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wolfman Jack 1975

Last year I was visiting a radio pal "Somewhere I have a Wolfman ET, want it?"  That's an easy question.  The disk was trashed and I've spent most of a year trying to get it to track.
This is one of the Air Force recruiting shows and the Wolf is on a tear...
Hope that you like it!
These Air Force recruiting shows usually ran during the Sunday morning PSA ghetto on US stations.  The interesting ones were done for Roger Carroll's company.  Roger had Wolfman, Country's Gene Price, Soul's Roland Bynum and Roger himself doing a soft-rock show.  All of them were also doing daily shows for AFRTS. The recruiting shows were recorded at Watermark rather than the AFRTS shows.  While I'm sure some of these were run on AFRTS stations, they were never a part of the official package.