Friday, July 31, 2015

Roger Carroll - 1979

I hear the best sounds in town.  It must be time for Roger Carroll!

Joe Allison - 1969

Joe Allison brought country music to the world on the Country Corner.  Before Joe, the music was mostly "hillbilly".  As a writer, producer, performer and DJ he brought it to the rest of America.  Here's a 1969 visit.

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  • Tell your story.  The whole story is huge.  All of the groups above  were a part and the others would find it interesting.

  • Share your media.  Some recorded things off the radio or rescued disks from the dumpster.  I'd like to hear what you have and I'm sure others would too.  Is there a box in the basement/garage/storage?

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    Roland Bynum - 1982

    Roland Bynum has the gift of music.  It's 1982, half way through the week and Roland makes time fly by.

    Wolfman Jack - 1976

    In the 1970s Roger Carroll's company was doing recruiting shows.  At the time a 30 minute DJ show with a few recruiting spots counted as 100% public service time.  Stations liked that a lot.  Wolfman was part of the team.  Here's a 1976 visit.

    Thursday, July 30, 2015


    Thought you might like this, part of from the Totalsound jingle package. Have you ever listened to an entire, full jingle package? I'm always left with "Who thought THAT was a good idea?" and gems that made stations sound bigger. What do you think?

    Someone saved some jingles... what do you have?

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015

    Chris Noel - 1968

    Chris Noel makes a Monday in 1968 a whole lot better.  You have a Date With Chris!

    Intermezzo - 1942

    There's always been symphonic favorites.  "Intermezzo" was the music, back announced.  A formula they were still using for "Just Music" in the 1960s.  Major Meredith Willson leads the AFRS Orchestra. 

    Monday, July 27, 2015

    World In Music - 1945

    Education and music, with the rhythms of Latin America.  It's all part of the World In Music...

    Roger Carroll - 1970

    Roger Carroll and Glen Campbell

    It's a Tuesday in 1970 and time for the Happy Hour.  Roger swings!

    Sunday, July 26, 2015

    Jim Pewter - 1967

    We never had router issues when they played "Let's Go".  I've never heard anyone else that could program a show as well as Jim Pewter.  Play it loud.

    Gene Price- 1980

    Gene, Leonard and Bags step up to the plate.  First few minutes of the ET were kind of iffy, but it settles down to great radio.

    Saturday, July 25, 2015

    Oscar Brand - 1961

    In the late 50s there was a series of "Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads".  These were varying degrees of bawdy but recorded by Oscar Brand.  Oscar was one of the faces of folk music.  By the early 60s Oscar was recording shows for the government (Social Security Administration, HEW and probably others).  AFRTS ran these shows.  Here's a 1961 visit.

    GI Jive - 1946

    Jill was one of the first to bring America to the troops.  She had a long run and a LOT of the shows are available.  I'm happy to be able to say that.

    Protestant Hour - 1971

    The Chaplains Board had a dual mission.  To be true to their faith, yet inclusive to all.  AFRTS had several hours of their programming every Sunday morning.

    Thursday, July 23, 2015

    Bob Hope - 1945

    Bob Hope kept doing shows for the troops.  In 1945 he brought his show to NAS Corpus Christie,

    Boyd Bennett - My Boy Flattop 1955

    This was always one of my favs. A squared away haircut cut is this kids best characteristic. Played this a lot in Panama and Korea. I picked up the 16" library disk of this a few years ago. Never thought I'd find it in a thousand years. Transfer is a little fast on this..

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    Showtime - 1944

    In 1944 AFRS brought the troops the best of Broadway with "Showtime".  Initially Dinah Shore was the hostess, but later there were others.  Today, Marilyn Maxwell..

    Joe Ferguson - 1983

    In 1983 Joe Ferguson was at KUPL.  AFRTS picked him up for a series of shows from around the country, really being the voice of home.  It's a Tuesday in 1983 and time for the Joe Show!

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    Joe Allison - 1969

    Joe Allison is back with another hour of your country favorites, somehow he doesn't seem like a suit guy.  This hour is a little choppier than I'd like but is still wonderful.  It's time for the Country Corner!

    Sunday, July 19, 2015

    Roland Bynum - 1982

    Roland Bynum with the late Don Cornelius

    In 1982 Roland Bynum always brightened my day...

    Friday, July 17, 2015

    Chris Noel - 1970

    Chris was the voice of home, but she had quite a career on screen. Here are some of Chris's credits:
    B.L. Stryker (TV Series) 
    Mrs. Tevander
    - Blues for Buder (1989) ... Mrs. Tevander
     1986 Sin of Innocence (TV Movie) 
     1985 Cease Fire 
     1981 CHiPs (TV Series) 
     1980 Detour to Terror (TV Movie) 
     1980 Wild Times (TV Mini-Series) 
     1971 The Tormentors 
     1968 For Singles Only 
     1967 The Glory Stompers 
     1966 Occasional Wife (TV Series) 
     1966 Marilyn (TV series)
     1966 Good Old Days (TV Movie) 
     1966 Wild Wild Winter 
     1966 Pistols 'n' Petticoats (TV Series) 
     1965 My Mother the Car (TV Series) 
     1965 My Three Sons (TV Series) 
     1965 Margie
     1965 Perry Mason (TV Series) 
     1965 My Brother the Angel (TV Series) 
     1965 Beach Ball 
     1965 Joy in the Morning 
     1965 Burke's Law (TV Series) 
     1965 Girl Happy 
     1964 Bewitched (TV Series) 
     1964 Get Yourself a College Girl 
     1964 Looking for Love 
     1964 Honeymoon Hotel 
     1963-1964 The Lieutenant (TV Series) 
     1963 Soldier in the Rain 
     1963 The Eleventh Hour (TV Series) 

    In 1970 troops around the world had an important Date With Chris:

    Thursday, July 16, 2015

    Roger Carroll - 1967

    Roger Carroll with some swinging memories of 1967.  On with the Happy Hour!!

    Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    AFVN - Go Show - Tom Watson -1970

    (Sebastian Cabot) "Ladies and gentlemen, the beat goes on."  From Hans Knot an upgraded memory of AFVN,

    Tom Watson is a "Broadcaster".  I thinks that's something we all wanted to be.  He kept it up.  Here's what our friends at had to say:

    "Taking a break from commercial broadcasting via the Selective Service system, Tom entered the military, where he spent two years on active duty. Following his Army training, which included a broadcasting course at Fort Benjamin Harrison's DINFOS, Tom was assigned to AFVN in Saigon. During his tour in 1969-70, Tom hosted the "Go" show playing Top 40 hits from 6 to 9 each night, and he also covered the daily MACV news briefings at JUSPAO. Upon his return to the US, he was sent to Fort Ord as NCOIC of the radio/TV facility. Prior to his discharge in April 1970, Tom began a weekend job at KMBY in Monterey, California.
    Tom's KMBY stint evolved into a full time air slot doing nights until KQEO, Albuquerque, hired him for the noon-to-3 airshift. He then moved on to KERN, Bakersfield, and tried his hand "up north" at CKGM in Montreal and CHUM in Toronto before WQXI in Atlanta brought him aboard in 1974."

    Monday, July 13, 2015

    Gene Price - 1980

    This turned out to be a win.  This is part of a cache of 1980 shows.  They looked perfect.  This is one that had microscopic groove damage, so it was a battle doing the transfer.  There are places with what sounds like really weird splices.  Those parts of the disk couldn't be saved.  Overall, it came out great.

    Sunday, July 12, 2015

    AFVN Scott Manning - 1968

    Scott was from Milwaukee, his family later moved to Chicago. After high school he was briefly hired for a deejay position at Chicago's WCFL, but he soon left the station to join the Army where he was trained at DINFOS in 1966.  He was then assigned to Vietnam with duty at the 4th PSYOPS Group in Saigon, but his change of station request was granted and he began an on-air job at AFVN.  As a deejay, he hosted a daily show plus a Sunday evening show called "The Sergeant Pepper Hour."  After his promotion to SP5 and extending his tour Scott was appointed Program Director for the AFVN radio network.

    Back in the USA, he worked as Operations Manager for KELP in El Paso before moving on to KAUM in Houston, WIFE Indianapolis, WKLH Milwaukee, KISW Seattle, KASS Casper, Wyoming, WAPE Jacksonville, and a drive-time show on WYBR in Rockford, Illinois.  Then in 1990, with 20 years of broadcast experience, Scott joined the ABC Radio Network in Dallas.  ABC operated a satellite radio service which provided programming in nine different genres to stations located in small and medium markets across the country.  Scott handled a daily "Classic Rock" program, as well as an "Oldies" show, interspersing musical selections with trivia and newsbits about featured artists.  ABC sold the system to Citadel Media in 2007.

    Thanks to for the information, Take a look...

    Jim Ameche - 1959

    Jim Ameche - 1940

    Jim Ameche had two shows, the Jim Ameche show and the Jim Ameche Pop Concert.  Both of them featured the great orchestral music from around the world.  This is part of one of the first Pop Concerts

    Friday, July 10, 2015

    Thursday, July 9, 2015

    A Listener remembers - AFN 1970-73

    Paul Zimmerman shared his memories

    First, thanks for all of the work you put in creating and maintaining this site. I was stationed at Bitburg AB, Germany (36th Supply Squadron) from Feb 1970 - July 1973. AFN Europe was an important link to home for me, particularly the live baseball and football games. There were a lot of late Sunday nights spent by the radio. When I’m listening to an AFN Europe clip now and the announcer says “This is The American Forces Network, Europe” and they play the little Yankee Doodle jingle, it brings back a lot of great memories. 

    We always had the radio on at work. My first year (1970), I think the AFN Frankfurt weekday lineup included Karl Haas, Ira Cook and Roger Carroll (what an interesting man) in the morning and then The Young Sound (one of my favorites), Herman Griffith and an hour of C and W in the afternoon. I also remember the Stateside Sound Survey in the evenings and of course, Weekend World. I arrived at Rhein-Main on Sunday afternoon, February 1, 1970 and am pretty sure that Weekend World was on when we arrived at our barracks for the night. Shows like Latino con Victor, Tom Campbell and the Wolfman came later. 

    A year later, I went home to get married and brought my wife back with me to Bitburg. We lived on the economy and it was a great experience. You couldn’t make up some of the stuff that happened and we still laugh at our adventures. AFN Europe Television was on our apartment TV most evenings but we also remember watching the German stations that had most of the commercials at the beginning of the evening. It was also funny watching characters like Hoss Cartwright speaking German. Live sporting events like the Super Bowl and New Years Day Bowls were a treat.

    I do have a question about an AFRTS-produced program. During my last year at Bitburg (June 1972 - July 1973), I worked the graveyard shift. Graveyard was great since I was pretty much my own boss and could bring my wife to the office for a few hours (and, I taught her part of my job). My question concerns an overnight show called “San Francisco Scene" that was usually on either at midnight or 1:00 AM on AFN Frankfurt. When I was TDY at Zaragoza, Spain in April/May 1973, I think this show was on from 11:00 PM - midnight. It was a rock show but what I remember was the closing music at the end of each show. That was one of the spookiest pieces of music i’ve ever heard and I’d appreciate knowing both the artist and title of that closing music if they are available.

    Other than marrying my wife, enlisting in the Air Force was the smartest decision I’ve made. Had I waited another 9 months for the first Draft Lottery, my birthday (June 8) came up dead last (366). My mother and future wife would have been drafted before me, But, I (and my wife) would have missed out on so much. I was very lucky to be stationed in Germany and have the opportunities to travel, take college classes, save a few bucks and mature. AFN Europe and AFRTS were there for us and very much appreciated.  

    Thanks again!

    Paul Zimmerman

    Wednesday, July 8, 2015

    Charlie Tuna - 1973

    Time for another of our 1973 visits with Charlie Tuna.  What do you think?

    Visit for the latest updates

    More Charlie Tuna

    Chris Noel - 1968

    Chris Noel in Long Binh

    Chris Noel made a lot of folks tours that much easier during the Vietnam war.  Although Date With Chris was only on for a few years, a lot of troops have great memories of the show.  Chris helps our homeless brothers with Vetsville Ceasefire House.  Please consider helping.  Click here

    Roland Bynum - 1977

    Memories of 1977, Roland Bynum has some very jazzy soul...

    Monday, July 6, 2015

    Roger Carroll

    Roger Carroll on a remote for WFMD

    Roger Carroll is well known in the Los Angeles area as a radio personality

    His older brother was an announcer at WCAO-Baltimore and at the CBS network in New York. Roger’s brother never returned from World War II, and Roger became the announcer in the family. 

    His first radio job was WFMD Frederick, Maryland at the age of 15. In 1948 at 18 years old, he was the youngest staff announcer in the history of the ABC network.

    Roger was a Korean War vet, working at AFRTS in Los Angeles, a relationship that continued for over three decades. 

    In 1959 he left ABC to join number one-rated, Gene Autry-owned KMPC radio in Hollywood. His KMPC radio program lasted until 1979 and was one of the most popular radio shows in Southern California.

    In 1979, Roger moved to evening talk, later becoming head of a new Golden West Syndication Features wing. In 1981, he resigned from Golden West and go into syndication and station ownership. To this day, Roger praised the management of KMPC for creating such a professional environment.

    Roger was involved in several movie and television projects.

    1965 A Swingin' Summer
    Musical adviser and Radio announcer (uncredited)

    1967 The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (TV Series)
    Alternate Announcer

    1968 Hunter (TV Series)
    Played Quentin in "Crusader" episode

    1969 What's It All About, World? (TV Series) - Episode 1 announcer

    1969 The Leslie Uggams Show (TV Series)

    1969-1972 The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (TV Series)

    1973 The Bobby Darin Show (TV Series)

    Bobby Darin in Concert (1973) ... Himself - Announcer

    1976 Tony Orlando and Dawn (TV Series)
    Himself - Announcer

    1979 The Onion Field
    Radio voice (uncredited)

    Saturday, July 4, 2015

    Gene Price - 1980

    Gene Price, Charlie Tuna and Jim Pewter

    Gene had quite a run in Los Angeles radio: KDAY, 1966-67; KLAC, 1970-71; KFOX, 1972; KIQQ, 1973-74; KIIS, 1974; KLAC, 1975-84; KIKF, 1985-90; KLAC, 1990-93. In 1972 he signed with AFRTS.  Here's a memory of 1980

    Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    Wolfman Jack

    It's been 20 years since we lost Wolfman Jack.  He was nights on the network for a long long time...

    Chris Noel - 1968

    The face of home to thousands of Vietnam era troops was Chris Noel.  She has spent the past several years running a homeless shelter for vets, in Florida "Ceasefire House" click here.  Our less fortunate brothers need your help.  Please consider helping.

    A few years ago Chris sent her collection of shows to us so that we could hear them again.  Thanks Chris!!!

    Here's a memory of 1968...