Friday, July 31, 2015

Please help

  • Tell a friend.  You know people that appreciated what the stations did over the years.  They might like it too. That's the best advertising.  Some of us were at the stations around the world.  Some were in AFRTS-LA or AFRTS-W, some turned the radio on before a day in the "real army".  Some were residents of the host countries.  AFRTS touched a lot of people.

  • Tell your story.  The whole story is huge.  All of the groups above  were a part and the others would find it interesting.

  • Share your media.  Some recorded things off the radio or rescued disks from the dumpster.  I'd like to hear what you have and I'm sure others would too.  Is there a box in the basement/garage/storage?

  • Feed the kitty.  If you could make a contribution, we can have nicer things.  Everyone who has clicked the Paypal box, thank you so very much.  If you haven't yet...there's still time.  Paypal will convert any currency.  Just click the "Donate" button on the upper left.

  • Your help makes this a nicer place. Thank you.