Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFKN story from Monte Jones

Late one night, a couple of the boys smoked too much weed and drank too much beer and afterward searched for something to do to shatter the boredom. One of the boys from Engineering ran a few possibilities through his muddled brain and mentally tied together a McDonald’s Golden Arches flag he has recently brought back to AFKN when returning from leave in the US, with the network commanding officer’s name – Army Lt. Col. Malcom McDonald. That was it! A bit of humor that would surely cause some degree of irritation and sweep away the boredom. So, this young and spirited soldier climbed the tower atop the main headquarters building and hoisted the red and gold flag in the name of the network commander. I wasn’t there for the event but was told that the planter of the flag had trouble getting down from the tower and then from the roof of the building. The next day when the soldier was told that Colonel McDonald was not in-country, but in the States, the soldier just stared into space and said, “Oh.” He actually did that a lot. That morning, with the flag waving in the breeze, those of us who were aware of its presence tried not to look up toward the flag when going in or out of the main building, so that it might be up long enough for Stars & Stripes photos. However, a warrant officer, the senior military person in Engineering, saw the flag high above and made a swift decision to have all the enlisted men surgically altered to turn them into eunuchs. Luckily, that decision was over-ridden by an Air Force captain who was in charge in the absence of the colonel. Thank gawd (as we say in the South) for the Air Force. The flag was removed after a few hours of fun and things on the AFKN hill returned as near to normal as was the usual situation.

Gary Thompson continues the story: SGM Lacy was a good guy as well. He actually protected Ron and I from being arrested by the Korean National Police. It seems our little flag on the MW tower stunt started a nation-wide alert. You might recall President Park had spotters sitting on roof tops, their mission was to scan the horizon for colored flags. If they saw a RED flag, they would raise their flag and another spotter would do likewise, all across the Northern part of the land. Well, Our McD flag was RED and RED meant something really bad!

Lacy told Ron and I to hit the Blue Train to Taegu and stay their until he called. We did. In a few days, Lacy allowed us to return to the hill. Thats how I learned what a jewel Taegu was. A short time later I transferred from Seoul to Taegu. Twas the best deal I ever made!

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