Friday, July 29, 2011

AFVN Paul A Bottoms 1969

Paul enlisted in 1967, leaving his job at KEWI radio. A year later he was in Vietnam, where he stayed for two tours from July 1968 to June 1970. By volunteering for a second consecutive tour, Paul was able to cut five months off his service obligation.
He spent the first month at Chu Lai working in the information office, before being selected to visit the Saigon station in preparation for bringing television to AFVN's Detachment 7. Although on TDY, he did not leave Saigon again. He was assigned a six-hour night shift, including hosting the "Orient Express" show, which ran from 0100 to 0400 hours. Later, he did the "Dawnbuster" show, but with a pre-recorded version of the elongated "Good Morning, Vietnam" sign-on. For a time he was designated "Chief Announcer." He remained on TDY status for the entire two years, which meant that he had to return to Chu Lai for outprocessing when he rotated back home in June 1970.  (Biography from, be sure to visit).

Paul A. Bottoms 1969

SOme wonderful found tape from 1969

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  1. Thomas sent me a message on Facebook almost two years ago. I just found it. I suck at FB. But he said he thought it was a fresh aircheck. I'm only 12 minutes into the aircheck but I don't think I've heard it before. There are some spots I've heard where the tape must have gotten turned off and on. Anyway, it's a thrill to hear an aircheck I didn't know existed.


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