Friday, December 16, 2011

AFRTS library found on Wake Island 12/2011

There are a lot of errors in the story, beginning with that crazy valuation.  As best I can tell, these are library disks c 1965-75.  The majority of those would be non-interesting MOR sides.

The normal disposition of these:  They'll be called in to AFRTS-LA and pretty much immediately shipped to the Library of Congress.  LOC is trying to have a complete collection and will upgrade what they have when they can.  As far us us getting any access to it, it won't happen.

In February 2011, they found what was probably a more interesting library at Fort Lewis.


  1. But as they will be part of the Library of congress can't you get access?

  2. The problem with LOC is that to get access, one has to have releases from all parties involved. That would include the DJs, the record companies and who knows who else. It wouldn't be practical. Sometimes the oldtime radio folks get all of the releases to get access to re-release things. Doesn't sound very practical for us, unfortunately.


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