Sunday, February 5, 2012

AFVN Det 5 anniversary 02/05/2012

 From Robert Moorecook at the  AVFN Yahoo group.

Today is the 44th year after Det 5 Hue was overrun.
I encourage you to take a moment to remember this brave men who served there.

American Forces Vietnam Network - AFVN
Prisoners of War
Six men assigned to AFVN were taken prisoner during the Vietnam war, five spending about five years in captivity before being released. The sixth, Steven Stroub, was executed shortly after capture. The AFVN'ers were captured when the detachment at Hue was overrun -- following a fierce fire fight during the Tet holiday -- on Feb 5, 1968.

Two other men also died that day at AFVN. SGT Thomas Franklin Young, USMC was Killed in Action in that fight. Also killed that day was Courtney Niles, a civilian with NBC International, who died defending the station. One AFVN'er escaped.

Details follow --

John Thomas Anderson - POW

John Bagwell - Escaped

James V. Di Bernardo - POW

John A. Deering - POW

Harry Lawrence Ettmueller - POW

Donat J. Gouin - POW

Courtney Niles, Civilian Contractor - Killed in Action

Steven J. Stroub - Captured and Executed

Thomas Franklin Young - Killed in Action

More information at Robert's website


  1. And some people had the gold plated nerve to call us "chairborne Rangers". Smaj

  2. Was John Bagwell called "The Scrawny Thing" on the radio? If so, is he still around? Thanx.

    1. Yes he was. He had a show called "The Scrawny Thing Happening". He is alive and well. Living around Dallas Texas and owns an Advertising Company.


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