Sunday, May 13, 2012

AFVN Reunion

AFVN'ers -- rub elbow with the famous from the past!
Join in festivities!

Refresh acquaintances!

Here is a link to the reunion website with details as of 13 May --

and a link to the "Look Who's Coming" list is here --

It's a ways out timewise -- but please send an email to if you think you are coming --

You can say "Fer Sure" if only a thousand camels would keep you away, or "Tentative" if you really want to come but just don't know yet.

Your indication of interest is VERY important at this time, since your interest may cause others to say, "Gee, if he or she is coming then I sure want to be there, too."

Best wishes
Bob Morecook, AFVN 72-73
[assisting Ken Kalish]

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