Saturday, November 17, 2012


Michael Brown sent a ton of airchecks of his work at AFRS Adak, Alaska

Yes, Adak, Alaska, (halfway out the Aleutian chain), has a radio station.  Two of them actually,  The AM station on 890 kHz (yep WLS) and an automated  FM.

I was in the Navy and was a CTM-2 when I arrived on Adak, June 1970.  I  left 1 year, 22 hours and 15 minutes later (plane landing to plane takeoff).

My main job had nothing to do with radio, but since I had an interest in being a DJ, I managed to get a weekend shift in the late night hours on Sunday, for 1.5 hours.  I eventually got moved to Sat afternoons for 2 hours and then expanded to 3 hrs.  I have tapes of pretty much all of my shows, which I've recently transferred to WAV files on the computer.

While there, the staff of the station did a radio series called Ptarmigan Tim.
At my last tour of duty, which was Edzell, Scotland, I did four DeeJay gigs at the EM club near the end of 1973. Did some private party deejaying for a few years after getting out.

During the hey-day of Doctor Who on PBS, I did pledge drives answering phone banks and a few times did on camera pledge drives.
Otherwise, I got into electronics as well as computers; self taught Unix system adminstration long before Microcrap came along. So, I am one of those computer geeks and my house has the computers to show for it.


AFRS Adak - Michael Brown May 29, 1971 Last show


  1. Great broadcast!!! We need more Michael Brown shows!!!

  2. ya Michael any more--off air tapes--post um

  3. Thanks for the comments. Things improved over time, compared to the first show. :-)

    Thom has all 35 of the 43 shows that I recorded on 1/4" reel-to-tape, full track @ 7.5 ips, directly from the console (not off-air).

    What Thom posted was the last hour of my final 3 hour show. Obviously the audio quality has been reduced in order for Thom to keep the file size down.

    So, Thom has enough material to last forever :-) He also has all 70 of the Ptarmigan Tim episodes, which are only a few minutes long (each).

  4. Looking forward to the posts, Michael!!! Thanks to Thom also for presenting all these amazing shows! Great stuff, guys!


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