Saturday, February 23, 2013

AFVN Hal Lamar

Hal Lamar 1971 AFVN
I happened across your web site although I think I have written to you before (well they say its the second thing to go (ha).

A little update. you know, we had a Chris Stephens at afvn when i was there. his real name was John Allgood. we followed each other from AFVN to Fort Lewis, Washington to finish our hitches, (as did the late Gary Gears) . After that I lost track of him. Oddly, about a year or so ago, I got an email from his former wife, Laurie (Clemmons) who said sadly that John was found in California dead........I am also looking for my former roomate, Air Force Sergeant Arthur Burnett who did sports on AFVN. Anybody along the next who knows of his whereabouts can reach me at
From October of 1971, to August of 1972, I was the host of "Soul Train" from 10am-12 midnight when i finished acting a total fool, Wolfman Jack came right behind me and zaniness continued. here are some names you might remember from your sojourns around afn:
herman griffith
barbara randolph
ruta lee
tom campbell-stateside
brother love with the love show
tony pigg
kim weston
don tracy
roland bynum
bob kingsley
There are more. You just can't remember them all. I had to play a lot of their transcriptions. as for me, I spent a total of 45 years in radio and journalism but health forced me to retire in 2008. I do still freelance on occasion with newspaper articles and radio pieces I submit to NPR and the American Urban Radio Network. After my first marriage failed, I lost nearly all my memorabilia. I do still have a photo or two and I'm attaching it with this letter. let me hear from you, especially if you happen to run into any of the gang froim 71 to 72.

peace and chicken grease

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  1. Peace & Chicken Greese, HA!! Would love to hear some of Hal's shows..........!


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