Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colonel Cranston update 15 Feb 13

We lost Colonel Cranston 2/17/2013 
Here's the timeline

Posted by: "Andrew N Guthrie" guthrie_andrew
Date: Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:15 am ((PST))
I have just gotten off the phone with Sandy and am pleased to report that Colonel Cranston is conscious and quite animated, and is talking, via sign and body language, with the staff at the Medical I C U and with Sandy and his step-daughter Jennifer. Sandy says he is excited about going home, where he wishes to die. He has lived on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake in Southwestern Virginia for the better part of the last 25-years and, having visited his home, I can tell you it is quite beautiful.
At this time, Sandy has told me that yes, he wishes to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery where a plot has already been reserved for him next to a previous wife who is already buried there. Sandy says it will be at least a month and probably much longer before the burial takes place, with full military honors.. That gives me plenty of time to secure a Master Bag Piper and I have already gotten the information on the Alexandria Pipe Band and will contact them soon to begin the selection process. I'm no expert, but I have attended more than 40 Scottish Games and other events, and I know good piping when I hear it.
I want to thank one of my AFN pals for offering to help me offset the cost of the piper. I will have much more on that later. Right now, I continue to wrestle with his obit to get the timeline correct, and to include his huge history in just two pages, and to contact the various News Media to alert them to the fact it will be coming.
Please continue to hold Bob and Sandy and step-daughter, Dr. Jennifer, in your prayers, and for the Colonel, a painless and peaceful journey to the next world where many former AFNers await him.
Army Pfc. (by Colonel's order) Andrew Guthrie AFN Headquarters Newsroom
1960-61 Frankfurt am Hoechst
Andrew N Guthrie

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