Saturday, March 23, 2013

AFVN Quang Tri 1970

Here's some silent film of AFVN Quang Tri

Seems to take forever to buffer

Doug Jennings had some more information: "That is SFC Jim Psak editing the film, pulling the slides and later in the TV Studio.  The TV Van was brought from Hue to Quang Tri. From the biography of Vic Sage on the MACOI site, it says, "When he arrived in Saigon as a SP5, he was met by the network OIC, LTC Ray Nash, who explained that he was to be a part of the rebuilding of Detachment 5, which had been relocated following its destruction by Communist troops during 1968's Tet Offensive from Hue to Quang Tri. Victor left immediately, and once the TV van was hauled to its new location he was part of the crew that patched and refitted the equipment. Although damaged, the van was found to be serviceable. There were three bullet holes in the electronics bay and another in the studio section, where an announcer would sit."
  • Rick Fredericksen  "I wonder if the bullet holes were caused by the attackers, or, maybe the AFVN engineers damaged it so a workable TV station would not fall into enemy hands???"

  • Today is March 23, 2013.  The 40th anniversary of AFVN shutting down,


    1. SFC Jim Psak is shown at the beginning editing film, pulling slides, and later in the TV studio.

    2. Good to see that most of what we built in 1968 was still being used. The radio studio added cart machines, but the RCA mic is still there. We did not have a TV studio, we used the record storage room (actually a small box) as our "studio" with 2 lights mounted in the wall. It was to the left of the control room in the truck. Only one person could fit inside.


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