Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chris Noel 1968 interview

In 1968 Chris Noel was visiting the troops.  She stopped at Johnston Atoll and it was a big moment to get an interview.

My name is John Rodman and I was a sailor on Johnston Atoll from 1967-1968.
Sometime in 1968 Chris Noel's plane stopped in for fuel and she did an interview for our AFRTS station which I was able to record to reel to reel tape.  The tape and player are old and noisy but I converted it to MP3 just to save it for posterity?  Anyhow it is attached to this email and you're welcome to it.  Maybe a pro like you can clean up the hiss and uneven volume levels.  Some one might get a kick out of it, I know it was a big deal at the time.  There were no woman on the Island in the sixties!

Wonderful!  Thanks for sharing the memories.

"Really enjoyed the interview with Chris Noel. I remember well stopping at Johnson Island in 1951 on the way to Manila. There was nothing there but an old airstrip and gooney birds!"
Jim Gough
AFRS Sangley Point 1951 


  1. I got a kick out of it! John, thanks for keeping this and letting us all hear it. It is interesting to hear Chris outside of her show; I don't think she had much experience with this sort of thing. Ron Osher (sp?) did a good job trying to get her story on the fly.

    March 21, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    1. Gerry, I'm glad you liked it and yes, I think Chris wasn't used to off the cuff interviews. She was always on the go so she may have been tired too. I put a microphone next to a portable radio and recorded it with an Akai 1800SD reel to reel (with 8 track!). I was worried about the quality. I relied on AFRTS to feel like I was still part of the world. Johnston Atoll was isolated and remote especially in the sixties before satellite TV, email etc.


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