Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AFTN Thailand May 10, 1970

Today is the anniversary of a very sad day.

On April 10th 1970 an unarmed photo recon plane was returning from a mission in Vietnam.  It missed the runway, crashed and destroyed the buildin for AFTN Udorn.

We lost nine airmen that day. 

TSgt Jack A. Hawley  (37),  Wakeman, OH
SSgt James T. Howard  (27),  Denver, CO
A1C Andrew C. McCartney (20),  Lakewood, OH
SSgt Alfred N. Potter  (27),  Forest Grove, OR
Sgt John Charles Rose ( 25),  Bloomfield, NJ
TSgt Frank D. Ryan, Jr. (41),  Mercer Island, WA
SSgt Edward Wm. Strain (24),  Myrtle Beach, SC
TSgt Roy Walker  (40),  Albuquerque, NM
A1C Thomas L. Waterman  (25),  Roanoke, VA

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  1. I was unaware of this, sadly. Thank you for keeping this alive in our hearts and memory of those lost in this incident. (Airman) Robert Campbell, AFKN 1964


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