Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Help on AFKN...

I'm working on a list of all of the AFKN stations, their mobile names and city. I can't find any complete listing. Over the years, stations were moved, decommissioned and deactivated, making this much harder than it should be. What do you remember?

So, by the 1970s the active stations appear to be:

Vagabond - Seoul
Kilroy - Taegu
Homesteader - Pusan
Comet - Osan
Indianhead - Munsan
Mercury - Kunsan
Gypsy - Camp Kaiser
Bayonet - TDC

The Munsan station was named:
Cavelier until 1965
Tomahawk - 1965-70
Indianhead - 1970

The 2nd Division returned to ROK in July, 1965 and Cavalier (at Munsan) was renamed Tomahawk. On 1 May 1971, Bayonet at Tongduchon was renamed Tomahawk and Tomahawk at Munsan was renamed Indianhead

After the war, there's documentation that the following stations were "closed".  They continued as satellite stations rebroadcasting the feed from Seoul.
Meteor - Pohang, Camp Mujuk
Nomad - Uijongbu, Camp Red Cloud
Rambler - Chunchon, Camp Page
Troubador - X Corps, 24th Infantry Div (where was this?)

Richard Makse saved notes from a long time ago...

Who wouldn't have wanted an assignment at Cheji-do?

If you're interested in the pre-Korean War history of AFKN click here

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