Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bill Stewart - 1969

Bill Stewart spent many years with AFRTS

In 1952 Gene Autry bought KMPC and assembled an all-star staff.  Dick Whittinghhill, Ira Cook,  Bill Stewart and Johnny Grant..

In 1959 Bill Stewart was moonlighting as a record producer at Warner Brothers.  Manager Bob Leonard said that was too close to payola and he would have to stop. A furious Stewart went to GM Bob Reynolds and demanded that Bob Leonard be fired.  Reynolds said for Bill to calm down and take some time and think about it.  Reynolds and Leonard had been childhood friends.  They were roommates in college.

Roger Carroll had been working over at ABC and was in the process of coming over to KMPC for a different shift. Roger replaced Bill Stewart. 

In 1969 Bill still swung:

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