Sunday, October 2, 2022


  So, for about 15 years we've been using a company called 4share for file hosting. The paid service worked just fine.

Early this year I tried to renew. After six months. finally, a response.  Can only renew using Bitcoin.  This is getting way too flaky.

So the hosting went to their free service. With the extra landing pages. 

I'd start all over with a different provider, but no one offers....

A reasonable amount of storage.

Uploads that don't expire, the most common companies delete after 90 days or so.

Direct url downloads, I don't want to use a landing page.

Ive received reports that trying to download from the landing page doesn't play well with Windows.

Playback button appears to work.

I'd advise against downloading.

Any ideas for a new storage provider?

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