Saturday, February 12, 2011

Found: an AFRTS library

While doing renovations at Ft Lewis, 8000 AFRTS library transcriptions were found.  The disks, which seem to run from 1943 to the mid 50s were boxed, in good shape and still had the card catalog.

Here's a couple of reports:

The disks were at Lewis for the hospital radio station KMGH, which ceased to exist long ago.

More information about WMGH

KMGH 1962 schedule

Apparently, AFRTS has called them back in for cataloging and probable destruction per the agreement with AFM.  Your comments?


  1. Seems a shame to destroy them, if they're as pristine as they sound. Depends on how many transcriptions already exist, I suppose.

  2. I wish they wouldn't destroy them, but the vast majority aren't that rare. Pity there still isn't an AFRTS museum.

  3. Have you heard of EBAY? Destroying The sounds of AFN is like cutting peoples faces out of photos. Some one would love them and cherish them Send them to the old soldiers home.