Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bill Stewart 1967


Time for a "Musical Bill Affair".  I'm not sure what that means either but it was in the jingle.  Bill was one of the KMPC talents between 1951-59, later at KGIL and KRHM.  He was also a famous record producer.  In 1969 he was honored with a concert at the Hollywood Palladium.  He also did in flight music programming.  We lost Bill in 1993 from congestive heart failure.

Don Tracy 1988


DON TRACY - Don Tracy was another with a great career at AFRTS-LA and in Los Angeles radio: KGFJ, 1969-74; KDAY, 1976-90; KGFJ, 1993-94; KMBY, 1995; KABC, 1995-97. Following a stint in sales at KABC, Don had an ad agency in the San Fernando Valley, Malloy and Associates. This aircheck was recorded in Iceland.

Roger Carroll 1974


Roger Carroll and Doc Severinsen

Roger Carroll had such a neat career. Really a case of has done everything. Part of everything was a hugely long run with AFRTS. Roger Carroll Enterprises produced most of the 1970s recruiting shows aired Sunday mornings, everywhere. It's 1974. I wonder who plays records?

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Kris Erik Stevens 1983


Kris Erik Stevens made a lot of great radio, taking Chicago then Los Angeles by storm.  Over the last few years, Kris has been the voice of the pre-show music at the theatre.  Here's part of 1983 with Kris Erik:

Wow Thomas........
Hearing my radio show performed years ago was
quite a wakeup call on my Sunday morning ----- 
Takes me back in time..... 
Thanks for sharing memories of my AFRTS radio days.
Kris Erik Stevens

Gene Price - July 1974

Here's another visit with Gene Price, that he did with Roger Carroll's company for Army recruiting.  I heard these even before I spoke with my recruiter!

All aboard the Country Express!!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Redd Harper 1948


Redd was a part of a concert band that became more and more successful until they were invited to join an Oklahoma City radio station in 1924. From there, his career took off and his music was in greater demand. In 1931 he joined a larger radio station in Des Moines, found more success, and then decided to head to Hollywood, California. However, he arrived at the end of the Western Jazz era and the beginning of the Great Depression, thus finding it hard to find work and was not as successful as he had been. He struggled to find work in the city. When World War II started, he joined the Coast Guard for three years.  After the war, Redd was doing shows for AFRS.
After the war he found success again in Hollywood as he began working with other big name artists of the time from both radio and movies. During this time he also found success in the movie industry and starred in several films, including The Strawberry Roan.

Mary Turner 1991


Mary Turner

Time to rock with Mary Turner.  An AOR daily show, it was quite the scandal in the early 80s and great.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Roland Bynum 1981


KJLH 102.3's Roland Bynum and James Fields The musicman hanging out at The Taste of Soul L.A. a few years ago!

Roland still makes it happen on Stevie Wonder's KJLH in Los Angeles every Saturday morning.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Operation Little Vittles 1949

 In the late 40s AFRS did a lot of stories about the people side of war.  Operation Little Vittles was a part of the Berlin Airlift. America got candy to kids.

The story is dramatized in this broadcast:

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Wolfman Jack 1972


Just picked up a bunch of random Wolfman Jack Air Force shows.
Happy listening!


Thursday, September 2, 2021

AFVN Your Brother 1969


 Bob Mayben sent in a neat AFVN memory: "I was company clerk for the 43rd APU (Post Office). I have a 30 minute air check of “Your Brother” on AFVN DaNang that I recorded at the 80th Logistical Command in the Arts and Crafts shop."