Monday, July 31, 2023

Robert W Morgan 1976


Robert W. was another giant of Los Angeles radio.  We had his Special of the Week.  He also did the Army recruiting show for Roger Carroll's company.

We lost Robert W to lung cancer in 1998.

AFVN Gerry Elliott 1973,


Gerry Elliott, Alexis Wright, SGM Young at SCN c 1982

Gerry Elliott almost got me to stay in the Army.  In the early 1980s SCN in Panama was controlled by the 193rd Infantry Brigade.  No big problem by itself but the command had made it clear that we weren't going to be promoted.  Okay, I won't do the boards.  I was a E-4 with well over 3 years in grade.  That's life.  In 1983 Gerry and SGM Bob Young conspired to get me to go to the boards after the Army Broadcasting Service took over.  Young and Elliott were on that board, it wasn't too brutal and I did well.  Wherever you are Gerry, thanks.

Let's see what was going on in Saigon in 1973.  Here's Gerry with sports.

Chris Noel 1970


This certainly has been the biggest project.  Chris is letting us hear the disks she saved from her AFRTS run.  Great radio.  We're up to 1970.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Kris Erik Stevens 1978


Kris Erik Stevens left Michigan to take over Chicago radio and was a star at WCFL and WLS when that really meant something. At WLS he worked with AFVN vet Gary Gears. After Chicago he went for the bigger challenge of Los Angeles and won. He was with AFRTS before and after disco. Remember disco? .

Kris Erik Stevens - 1978

More Kris Erik Stevens

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Harry Newman 1987


Harry had a big career in country radio in Los Angeles KBLA, 1965-66; KBBQ, 1967-68; KLAC, 1970-84. Harry was the voice of "Cops" 

Harry Newman - 1987

More from Harry Newman

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Tex Williams Show 1955


So I get a bundle of the Tex Williams Show from 1955.  Really nice music but there wasn't such a thing.  So what are these?  Apparently in 1955 "Town Hall Party" ran on NBC radio with parts of it televised on KTTV-TV in Los Angeles which were kinescoped for AFRTS.

You may have heard Commander Cody and his Planet Airmen sing "Smoke That Cigarette".  The original was by Tex Williams.  Before leading his own group, Tex was the singer for Spade Cooley

Chiquita 1949



We tried to serve all soldiers.  Part of that being our native Spanish speaking troops.  Chiquita debuted during WWII and was still going strong in the 1950s.  I'm trying to locate more information about her.  Apparently, she had some small movie roles in the 1940s.

Gracias amiga por todo!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Jim Pewter 1980


Don Browne has some Jim Pewter information:

To my knowledge, Jim Pewter is the only person to work overseas on AFRTS (AFKN) and then work as a show host on the RU series from the AFRTS-LA studios. The desire to work at AFRTS-LA after exposure to the disc programs at an affiliate was very strong. When my active duty at FEN was completed in January 1971. I spent a month in Los Angeles haunting the AFRTS-LA studios at North McCadden Place, trying to convince Jack Brown to hire me for a 13-week "flight" (1-55:00) on the RU. My schtick was that I would introduce PAMS and CRC jingles to the separation of program "sides" which could be used by the local affiliate. They were not impressed. What was impressive was that AFRTS-LA had a "Listen-Line" direct from AFVN Saigon, and you could listen to local AFVN programming on the building PA system. When it was 8 a.m. PST in LA it was 11 p.m. local time in Saigon; when it was 6 p.m. PST in LA it was 9 a.m. local time in Saigon.
Jim Pewter, because of his special status, worked every combination of show scheduling during his AFRTS-LA career. He was heard in series of 5-25:00, 5-30:00, 5-55:00, and 1-55:00 shows. Because of this, his show numerology was completely in disarray. As can be determined, Jim Pewter #1 was issued in RU 27-7 (January 1967).

Million Dollar memories were the Jim Pewter show.  Jim was always the king of songs that you forgot to remember.  From 1981, the Jim Pewter show.  First couple of minutes of this transfer are rougher than I'd like, but it's worth it.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Bill Stewart 1969


Today Bill talks with Mel Lewis and Thad Jones.  They had a wonderful big band.  The music's great and so is the conversation.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Andy Mansfield 1963


In 1963 it really hadn't been that long since we lost MAJ Glenn Miller during WWII.  Glenn entertained the troops and cut a lot of exclusive music for AFRS and V Disc. Andy Mansfield did a five part tribute.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Wolfman Jack 1979


Let's revisit 1979. I was 22, in Korea and don't remember most of the year. I met Wolfman at LAX when I came Stateside. Only time I was ever totally speechless at meeting a celebrity. Play it loud!

AFN Latin Tempo 1980


1980 was HOW many years ago?  Anyone know who was doing the Spanish show on AFN in 1980?  Good stuff.

Roland Bynum 1973


One of the things a broadcaster strives for is a one on one sound.  Roland Bynum had that down, making him perfect to tell America about opportunities in todays Air Force.  Roger Carroll's company was the all-time leader in recruiting shows.  It's 1973, almost Christmas and time for Soul In Motion with Roland Bynum:

Saturday, July 15, 2023

SCN Tom Kirby 1965


Tom Kirby was from Massachusetts, ended up in the Army with a stopover in Ft Huachucha them to Fort Clayton in the Canal Zone, doing radio and televison.  By the 1980s Tom was a news director at a station in Minneapolis.  In 1965 here's what happened on 79/1420 khz...

Friday, July 14, 2023

Joe Ferguson 1983


Joe Ferguson was one of the jocks from all over the country sharing his skills in an experiment AFRTS tried in the early 80s.  He shared these shows and I'll always be grateful.

Mary Helen Barro 1980


Mary Helen in 1972 with Joe Ortiz

There's always been latin music on AFRTS. Chiquita during WWII and many others well into the 1990s. Mary Helen Barro held down the fort in the early 1980s. Here's Mary Helen, recorded off the air on AFN Frankfurt.

Mary Helen Barro - 1980

More Mary Helen Barro

AFRTS 1977

From Torrejon, We'll hear bits and pieces from Roger Carroll, Roland Bynum, Humble Harve and more.  1977 was a big year in AFRTS history, it was the year they stopped using system cues "This is the American/Armed Forces Radio and Television Service".  You'd never believe how many memos there were about that.  The system cue was your warning that there was just fill music til the top of the hour.  Somehow we managed to figure it out.  This is great listening:

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Gene Price 1974


Gene Price and Marc Yablonca at a 1981 remote at Universal on KLAC.

Here's Gene in 1974 on the Country Express.  There's some great opportunities in today's army!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Gary Owens 1969


Gary Owens has a nice wikipedia biography:

Gary Owens (May 10, 1936-February 12, 2015) was an American disc jockey and voice actor. His polished baritone speaking voice generally offers deadpan recitations of total nonsense, which he frequently demonstrated as the announcer on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Owens was equally proficient in straight or silly assignments and is frequently heard in television, radio, and commercials. He is best known, aside from being the announcer on Laugh-In, for providing the voice of the titular superhero on Space Ghost. He also played himself in a cameo appearance on Space Ghost Coast to Coast in 1998. Likewise, Owens provided the voice of Roger Ramjet on The Roger Ramjet Cartoons. He was the primary voice of the over-the-air digital network Antenna TV.

We had Gary in the late 60s and it was great.  

Charlie Tuna 1983


Here comes Charlie.  What an amazing career, KOMA when that meant something.  WMEX when that meant something.  From there to Los Angeles and KHJ.  Wow.  In 1971 we stayed Tuna'd until 1996.  Here's a memory:

Chris Noel 1967

Chris Noel with Bob Hope at the 1966 Christmas show.  

 Chris did a lot for us over the years.  "A Date With Chris" brought memories than and now.  A very interesting life.  

It's a Monday on Armed Forces Radio and time for your Date With Chris

Saturday, July 8, 2023


 Thought you might like this, part of from the Totalsound jingle package. Have you ever listened to an entire, full jingle package? I'm always left with "Who thought THAT was a good idea?" and gems that made stations sound bigger. What do you think?

Friday, July 7, 2023

Steve Phillips AFRS Adak 1968

 And I'll bet the weather was cold... Steve Phillips returns with another visit, 1968

Steve later went on Fort CONUS to KISN Portland.  He's got of bunch a nice radio at his website RadioDiscJockey


Thursday, July 6, 2023

Kris Erik Stevens 1978


Learn something new every day, Kris didn't go to the McCadden studios:

"I had my own studios so I never worked in the building.... but hand delivered shows there for at least 5+ years in the 70’s ----American Disco and the Kris Erik Stevens show --- Bit of a blur... but great fun!"

And great shows they were.

Rebel Randall 1952


During the Korean War, Rebel Randall did "Jukebox USA" a DJ show for the troops.  Her run with the network was much shorter than GI Jill or Chris Noel but it was good.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Tony Pigg 1971


These are fun.  By 1971 "Free-form" rock stations started in many markets.  In New York ABCs WPLJ sounded great and Tony Pigg was a great example.

Bill Stewart 1969


There were a lot of interviews.  The biggest stars found time to talk for the troops.  Bill Stewart talkd with Mel Lewis from the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra in 1969.

Monday, July 3, 2023

Jubilee 1945


It's time for your jive session

The first tune is, "Rough Idea." Verne Smith (announcer), Murray McEachern (conductor), Manny Klein, Frank Wiley (trumpet), Henry Coker (trombone), Willie Smith (vocal), Bobby Hackett, Emmett Berry, Babe Russin, Bam Brown, Jack Martin, Juan Rolando, Nick Glicco, Corky Corcoran, Harry The Hipster Gibson, Lem Davis, Leo Watson, Peggy Lee, Ray Coniff, Slim Gaillard, The Jubilee All Stars, Vic Dickenson, Ernest Whitman (m. c.). 

Jim Pewter 1979


Album Jim did for the USO

Jim lives the oldies.  From his time with his band to AFKN, Los Angeles radio and then the worldwide network it's just really hard to describe.  Fire up the grill, grab a beer and remember.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Roger Carroll 1976

 This is from the Torrejon airchecks.  Wolfman finishes a show, station break and then Roger Carroll with the happy hour.  Were Roger and the Wolf scheduled adjacent?  That'd be odd.

It's a great listen

Wolfman Jack 1977


This is nice, Wolfman recorded off of AFN in Germany in 1977, at the end Wolfman is on voice tracks talking about USAEUR.  Did all of the AFRTS-LA team record these?  Howl!

It's been almost 30 years since we lost Wolf.