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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Army Hour - 1963 "Korea, A Decade of Courage"

AFKN was an Army "Meritorious Unit".  Everyone was authorized an additional ribbon while there.  The ribbon was authorized because of the war coverage.  Troops went to the field with huge tube powered recorders.  I've heard short clips of this before but this is the most complete version that I've ever heard.

The Army Hour was on NBC during WWII, ending up on Mutual by the 1960s. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Colonel Robert Cranston to be Buried at Arlington

Andrew Guthrie AFN 1960-62 has an update.  If you can be in there, you should.
20 September 2013
FINALLY I am able to report that our beloved commanding officer, Colonel Robert Cranston will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery at about noon on the 14th of November.  There will be a memorial service beginning at 11 AM at the Chapel on the Cemetery Grounds, followed by the burial beginning at approximately noon.
I got a call from Sandy Cranston last (Thursday 19th) night with the word.  She was relieved at finally getting a firm date after waiting all summer.  Sandy and I, frankly, are disappointed that the service could not have been in October, since the weather in Washington that month is usually quite nice, and cool and crisp.  November can begin to get chilly, although I assume one has to wait one's turn with the Cemetery as there are so many burials.
I have been in touch with the Drum Major of the Alexandria, VA Bagpipe Band and he told me that it will not be possible for the band to play at a burial during the week, as most of the men work.  However he is giving me a list of several Master pipers and I am sure that I will be able to find one who is available.  One of you, who served under Colonel Cranston, sent me a very generous check to defray the cost of the piper several months ago.  I plan to contribute as well and, if there is a need for addition funds, I will put out a notice on the Bulletin Board.  However, please do not send me any money until I find out exactly what it is going to cost.
I would like to urge as many of you who served under Colonel Cranston to try and save the day so you can attend.  That welcome also goes out to all of you who know him only by his outstanding service record as AFN Commander, Blue Danube Network Commander, and later as Commanding officer of the entire  A F R T S  at North Mcadden Place in Los Angeles.
I will be sending out additional information as I get it and very much look forward to seeing you there even though it will be a sad and emotional day for all of us.  One thing that has already irritated me and Sandy, given my own and Bob's Scottish heritage, is that a person at the Cemetery has said the piper will be quite limited as to the times he may play.  That runs counter to Scottish Military tradition, which would have him at the front of the caisson  and the honor guard.   For Bob's sake, we will try to change this.  For those of you with access to AFNers and AFRTS folks who may not be on this Bulletin Board, would you please pass around this news as widely as possible, especially to men and women who may have known the Colonel but who are in, or retired from, non-broadcasting military units.
For now, God Bless you all, and have a pleasurable Autumn!
Army Pfc. (by Colonel's order) Andrew Guthrie (Ret.)
AFN Hqts. Newsroom 1960 - '61
Frankfurt am Hoechst
Andrew N Guthrie

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moog logos

This would be from roughly 1971. Parts of this have been posted before but this is complete.  The "TotalSound" Moog-logos.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sports Reel with Fred Hessler 1968

At one time presenting live news and sports was much more difficult than now.  There was a market for interview shows that provided context.
Fred Hessler was the voice of UCLA football for 25 years but before that was one of us.  During WWII he was with AFRS at an unknown station but after that went to the network as a civilian for about 10 years.  In 1954 he did Sports Forum, an interview show.

He also worked at KMPC 1953-83

In 1968 he was still at it with "Sports Reel"

Fred Hessler - 1968

Saturday, September 7, 2013

AFN Munich - Dick Dale 1981

And now "The Old Sarge"
I started like most, joining the Service, then attended Armed Forces Radio School, in Ft Ben. Harrison. That was by far..... the Best Schooling, anyone could receive. Bar None.  I was in the Service for only the 3 years enlistment. Spent all of my time, in Europe, except for one Year.. I'm thinking, was "On The Air" for Two of those Years. My final Year, was spent in the Information Office, on Okinawa/Japan.
Following my ETS, worked in Lexington, Ky, Sioux City, Iowa, and Kansas City.

That's It.
Retired from Radio, in 2008. I'm currently living in Northern California.
Many times I've been asked if I'm the Dick Dale, of the Del-Tones. (Misserloo)

I just say "No.....but I can play Wipe Out, with my thumbs on the Dashboard of
My Car" That usually ends the conversation!
Best Regards,
Dick Dale

Friday, September 6, 2013

Brian Hartzell - AFKN 1972

My AFKN story isn't the most exciting, although I enjoyed my nine-plus month tour of duty in the Land of the Mourning Clam. Arrived in country the day after Thanksgiving 1972.  Was assigned to AFKN News, prepared and announced newscasts for AM radio, occasionally assigned to handle a "Ten O'Clock News" on weekend  TV and the all-important "Newsbeat: Korea" which I once called "Nosebleed Korea" on-air (purely by accident).  After about five months, I asked for a transfer to serve as Program Director for AFKN-FM which was pretty much a one-man job programming the FM automated system, create some one-hour programs, etc.  

I worked with Bobby Zix (now Kamasami Kong in Japan), Jim Kane (AF-SSG who moved on to AFN-Ramstein, etc.) and Dave McAlary (career at VOA) and Wally Cornelison (who went back to AFKN in the role of civilian director of TV operations), both retired and still in touch on occasion.  Bruce Dortin was a contemporary. Have lots of stories, but little tape.  

Somewhere, oh, somewhere, I've got a couple of reel-to-reel tapes with airchecks  that I thought might be helpful finding a part-time radio job during grad school, but never used them.  My broadcasting career was brief. I got the assignment originally because I had radio experience in college and a few months before the lottery called my number.

Received early discharge in late August 1973 to attend graduate school at Kent State (just three years after the shootings). Studied journalism/public relations. Went into public relations counseling full-time for eight years, switched to non-profit work as executive director of two Ronald McDonald Houses, gaining fundraising skills over 19 years.  Worked in fundraising for two additional hospitality house programs (another ten years), then a hospice and finally as a consultant (now) as I approach semi-retirement. 

Brian E. Hartzell
Hartzell Consulting
"Fundraising & Public Relations Counsel to Nonprofits since 1979"

Monday, September 2, 2013

Laurie Allen 1990

Laurie's trek began in Morris, Minnesota.  Then it was a journey through the Midwest.  California called then San Francisco and Los Angeles and AFRTS.  Laurie can be heard now on Go Country 105 an in syndication over Dial Global.

But this was a classic rocking Thursday...