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Happy Birthday AFRTS

Finally it's done!  Thanks to all.  It's quite a story.  Happy 70th Birthday AFRTS!

If you'd like a 441k uncompressed wav of this let me know.  Rebroadcast is encouraged, if you do then please let me know.

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Christmas 1947

Three G. I.'s in Germany, away from home at Christmas time for the first time, try to share the holiday spirit. Edmund Penny, Frank Gerstle, Howard Culver, Irvin Lee, James W. Talbot (producer), Jerry Farber, Richard Crenna, Rye Billsbury, Steve Allen (writer).

I know that MacGregor produced similar material to this (under a contract for AFRS)

Friday, December 16, 2011

AFRTS library found on Wake Island 12/2011

There are a lot of errors in the story, beginning with that crazy valuation.  As best I can tell, these are library disks c 1965-75.  The majority of those would be non-interesting MOR sides.

The normal disposition of these:  They'll be called in to AFRTS-LA and pretty much immediately shipped to the Library of Congress.  LOC is trying to have a complete collection and will upgrade what they have when they can.  As far us us getting any access to it, it won't happen.

In February 2011, they found what was probably a more interesting library at Fort Lewis.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

From Reykjevik, Shake Rattle and Rourke 1971

Jim Roark AFRS Reykjavik 1971

Jim Roark told us last year about AFRS in Iceland.  If you didn't see it before its a good read click here.
He just send in an hour of his 1971 oldies show, spotlighting 1957.  The great listening continues...

Feliz Navidad de Puerto Rico

Ramey AB, Puerto Rico

Ralph Gebes sent along some 1971 memories from AFCN.  Ramey was (mostly) closed with a 1973 base alignment.  Time for "Radio Strikes Back"

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Happy Birthday AFRTS

The birthday greetings are going to be a big part of our history and so far it tells an important part of our story.

Still time to get yours in!

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Thanks again!

It's been almost four years since I started doing this.  I'd like to thank you for stopping by.  Our AFRTS stories are something that I really don't want to see in the dumpster.  Thanks for sharing.  For the hundreds of you that stop by, we get a chance to tell a story again.  It's nice to be able to share the airchecks.  Every one of the AFRTS-LA stars that I could find have said it's okay to post their material and I appreciate it.

If you'd like to share your memories I think we'd all appreciate it.  Any requests?

70th anniversary of AFRTS is 2012 and my audio piece about our history is almost done.  Take a second and record a birthday greeting.  You are the story.

At the end of the month we're taking our first vacation in years.  Going to visit the in-laws in Europe.  I'll probably be cut off from the internet then.  By New Year the updates will start again.

If you're not already on the mailing list, let me know.  Weekly updates on what's happening here.

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Happy Holidays!

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What AFRTS meant to me

At the age of 15 / 16 a person is very susceptive for new influences - in many aspects. This is also true for the preference of musical styles - we like, what we hear and share this with others.

In Germany the musical scene in the mid-sixties was only mainstream-pop from England and Germany. My first contact to a completely+ different sound as in 1966, after I tuned-in (by chance) AFN Bremerhaven on my small transistor-radio.

The music was of overwhelming force and tempo. It was "Bluegrass"-music. From that day on, I stayed tuned to AFN and recorded some music with a microphone from the loudspeaker.  Suddenly I became aware of the many styles of music that I had never heard of before. Country-Music, Soul, Jazz , Latino-Music - even Polka, Easy-Listening. I liked them all , and I still do today.  It was not only the music, it was also the DJs. Their laid-back style, the sometimes intoxicating way of announcing the titles was completely new to me.

So I began to record not only the music but also some of the DJ's talk on my tape-machine, later on cassettes. My favourite DJs were Herman Griffith, Wolfman Jack, Roland Bynum, Charlie Tuna, Gene Weed, Vance Graham and of course Chris Noel.

I learned some aspects of American life and still today it is easier for me to translate spoken American English than British English. As a German civillian this helped me, especially in my job. So all this is my reason to thank AFRTS for producing the shows that not only entertained the American forces but also a German boy and maybe many others too, around the world.

Congratulations and Good Luck AFRTS !

Guenther Schoenlau

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Birthday is coming

AFRTS will be having it's 70th birthday next year.  I'm finishing up a little documentary to tell the story.  I'd be very interested in getting a birthday greeting from you.  A computer file would be great, but if you can't do that you can leave a voicemail at 612-356-AFRS (612)356-2377 and I'll get it transferred.  If you enjoy this website, you were a part of the story.  Please share it.  612-356-AFRS (612)356-2377, operators are standing by!

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Spotlight Bands

Mostly, I try to stay away from CONUS network radio shows.  Spotlite Bands is a little different.  During WWII Coca-Cola sponsored the top bands in America playing at military bases in the US and to be recorded for AFRS.  Here's Charlie Barnet, playing at Lovell General Hospital, Ft Devens MA

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What AFRTS meant to me

Blogwatcher Mary sends along her impressions of AFRTS:

AFRTS meant a lot to me and my husband when we were stationed in Germany, Korea, and England. It was a voice of home when we were far away, helping us to keep in touch with America. It was also very entertaining. I liked Larry Rideout and the Dufflebag Show in Frankfurt, Germany. We went to church with him. Especially in a country where you don't speak the language, AFRTS was a lifeline back to America. What impressed me the most was the variety. AFRTS was aimed at all the G.I.s and their families and the civilians that were also stationed overseas. They managed to have something for everybody. A favorite while we were in England was "the Energy Rap," this G.I. who admonished us to save energy. I also loved seeing G.I.'s in uniform read the news. Thanks!

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Happy Birthday AFRTS

Next year the network turns 70 years old.  Can you believe it?  I'm putting together an audio tribute to the network and I'd really appreciate your help.  Could you please cut a drop with what AFRTS meant to you?  It doesn't have to be anything tricky, you don't have to be 'talent'.  Board operators, supply clerks, 71Limas.  Civilians in the host countries.  Several have already sent theirs in.  Thank you.  Just something along the lines of:

Hi I'm Thom Whetston, I was on AFRTS radio twice, in Korea in the 70s and Panama in the 80s.  Happy birthday AFRTS. 

Feel free to add to it.  The more of us that participate, the better it'll be.  Questions?  just click here.

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AFKN people 1977 from Linda

Kirk Dorn

Kirk Dorn, Milk and cookies.  Milk and cookies? In Korea?

Paul Hartledge


Jack Brown 15 Nov. 1923 - 19 Oct. 2011

October 2011,  we lost former director of AFRTS programming Jack Brown. 

Jack Brown
Awarded US Secretary of Defense Meritorious Service Medal.
Professor Radio, TV, Film CSUN.
General Manager KCSN - Retired
Actor, Television, Radio and Motion Pictures
Former president and charter member, Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. Former owner of the Don Martin School of Broadcasting.  Jack was a Ham radio operator and former Volunteer at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. He was also a volunteer reader at his church, St. Mary the Virgin, Chatsworth.

In the early 1960s, Jack was the host of "Rocketing Rhythms", the countdown show.

Rocketing Rhythms

Monday, November 14, 2011

AFVN "Double Jeopardy"

AFN vet  Rich Halten is still building entertainment:

"You might recall I mentioned a radio piece I did about the attack on AFVN Hue while it was under construction. It was during the Tet Offensive in 1968, and the radio station wasn't on the air yet but a bare bones TV station was.

AFVN Hue after Tet 1968

It's the first post, titled "Double Jeopardy." While the piece isn't really about AFVN, it profiles two guys (one a D.J., the other an engineer) who took very different paths while fleeing the station when it was under attack. "Double Jeopardy" debuted last Friday on KCRW in L.A.'s "Unfictional" program."

So what do you think?

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

FEN automation and Tokyo calling 1965

Awhile back Monte Jones had some informaton about the automation system at FEN in the late 60s.  I thought something capable of segueing the ETs and putting the news on the air was very high tech for the times.  Norm Medland was there before Monte and he had some information:

Henry Yaskell was way ahead of his time from the automation system to tropo scatter to distribute the net up the line to Misawa and other places; Kuma Station and Wakkanai in the far north of Japan. In addition to the voice network to our outlying stations, we also had a teletype network and a fulltime employee to type and send printed newscasts to all the stations. Yes, they could have had all news prerecorded on tape and I believe Henry wanted that but it pushed immediacy back by at least an hour and the programmers would not allow it.

Automation basic brain may have been a Harris-made unit, but not sure. Henry had at least four turntables connected along with a bank of ampex tape recorders and several cart machines. It used a room about 20x20 and had one fulltime GI and a Japanese engineer plus probably a GI engineer. Time hacks were automated and the unit could switch between functions and the news booth and production studios. A lot of local production done on tape like “Tokyo Calling.”

It took a lot of tending and no one but Henry thought it saved any manpower. Still, it was ingenious and way ahead of most broadcast stations. I worked at a station in Sacramento after I retired that was automated with a Harris-90 with just a bank of tape playback units and two production studios. Very simple by comparison.

FEN even had on loan from Sony an early portable tape unit that rode around on a cart much like a current day audio visual cart with a few shelves. Not very portable and weighed a couple of hundred pounds. This never worked properly and wasn’t used in the field that I know about. Our audio equipment was the best you could buy, and programming concentration was totally audio. I think we had a least six Nagra tape recorders. We were just a radio station, (no TV at all), and the network feed, but we were very good. Great talent in house. Unfortunately many of them are now deceased. I am certain we would have made money in any market in the United States.

I was just a buck sergeant and staff sergeant as I left, but had worked radio in Denver, San Diego, and small Iowa stations before arriving there. I wasn’t bad, but others there made me look like an amateur.

From January 1965, here's Burr Hoyle:

FEN FM automation c 1983 (Photo: Jon Yim)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Frank Bresee and the Golden Age of Radio

Frank Bresee recorded the last network show under the old system.  GDOR was a celebration of all things radio in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  Earlier this year, Mr Bresee had a stroke and has been valiently going through rehab.  You're in our prayers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blue Danube Network

Something new in the collecction, a QSL card from BDN.  US Forces left Austria in 1955

Welcome newbies

This page has been around for few years.  I really hope that you enjoy it.  I value your stories and we're all interested.  Did you save any airchecks/pictures/disks/memories?  Please share.  Do you have any requests?  Let me know and I'll see what I can do.  There is a mailing list.  Every week or two I send an email with what's been added to the site.  Right now there are several hundred on that list.  If there's someone you're looking for I may be able to let them know.  I never give out addresses but I would forward an email.

If you enjoy it here, please tell a friend.

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Steve Phillips AFRS Adak Alaska 1967

Here's our first visit with AFRS Alaska.  It's 1967 and Steve Phillips brings the music.

The Return of Gary Owens

Gary Owens always made silly radio fun.  Remember his radio announcer test "Can you say six silly words without laughing...and MEAN them?"  Thanks Gary.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Top Pops again

Side two:
Dr Hook and the Medicine Show - Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
Sammy Johns - Early Morning Love
Marion Jarves - Hell Of A Fix
Billy Swan - I Can Help
Lou Rawls - She's Gone
Fancy - Touch Me

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Melody Round Up 1947

Melody Roundup was an interesting show, but almost for accidental reasons.  The network would get recordings of local and network shows from all over the country and repackage them.  Most have heard of the Grand Old Opry but most cities had similar shows.  AFRS would take a 15 minute clip from a random show and viola "Melody Round Up".

This is from roughly 1947 and the "Hollywood Barndance" with Cottonseed Clark.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AFN Nightside 1974 Craig Miller interviews Abba

The Craig Miller tapes continue.  I had always heard in the past that their English was limited.  What we heard was wrong.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

AFN Weekend World 1975 Craig Miller and the "Original Drifters"

Bands have traded on famous names for years, at SCN we had the Platters visit (Hollywood Brown had been with them since 1967 and was the senior).  The Supremes were supposed to have stopped by.  it was the early 80s, the group was some cute kids who probably weren't even born when they had their first hits.

Craig Miller tries to get to the bottom of the "Original Drifters"

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Your comments are welcome

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AFKN Ken Hissong 1968

Back to Yongsan, 1968 with "Vagabond on the Go".  I was there in 1976.  Every picture looked exactly the same.

AFKN - Ken Hissong - 1968


Thanks for posting.  By way of background.... the Air Force made me a cop after I enlisted in Jan '66. Aftewr humping around the SAC "Looking Glass" aircraft I applied to DINFOS in November '66 (hated Nebraska winters at Offutt AFB) and was accepted.  Went to DINFOS in Apr. '67 and got orders for Korea and AFKN in Dec. '67.  Between DINFOS graduation and transfer, I was neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat to my squadron.  I was still a cop but not a cop, wierd.

After AFKN I was assigned to a PIO office at Vandenberg AFB, CA. and was discharged in May '69 due to the Nixon drawdown.  I went back to the job I had before enlistment at WWJ-AM, FM-TV in Detroit.

Became a writer producer and retired in 1999 after working for all three network afils, plus Fox in Detroit as a news producer (in spite of what Capt. Joe Malloy thought at AFKN).

I could not have bought the experience I gained at AFKN for a million dollars.  Besides being on the air, I operated camera, "starred" in a daily kids TV show we produced and was FM program director for Radio Vagabond. 

To be honest, I envied my buddies who had gone on to college,  but after I got out I was so far up on the employment chain I never looked back.  As for the total experience...  it was the most fun you could have without taking your clothes off.



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AFN Nightside - Craig Miller Features 1974

Just received a crate of master reels, mostly of Craig Miller's work at AFN. (Thanks Garry!!!) I'll be posting a lot of these, features, interviews and such. They don't make radio like this anymore.

1. The Eagles Nest
2. Redback Dollar
3. Great Canyon Caper
4. Invasion Of The Ants
5. Alligator Tongue Oil
6. John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert
7. Midnight Ride of Harvey Schudlapp

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AFN 1954 Stickbuddy Jamboree

"I was with AFN 1954-1956 (Berlin and Frankfurt) and did a variety of shows....Hillbilly Gastehaus, Duffle Bag, etc. About the only tape I have left is a cassette of one show that went full-network. Great times at AFN those years. After discharge in 56, I went back to Texas radio where I had taken that "leave of absence" and worked briefly in Austin before joining KILT in 56.  On air PD till 62.  Then on air PD at WQXI Atlanta till 75. 75-85 owned part of a station in Valdosta, Ga.  Came to Carrollton, Ga. in 85 with WBTR.  Spent my last 10 years with 50,000 watt WKNG Carrollton before retiring in June of this year.  Total of 63 years in the business and with birthday #80 coming,  I figured that was enough.”  Red's a member of The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AFRTS, the early years

Our friends at have a neat site with a lot of our early history represented.

"Yankee Doodle Went to Sitka'...a line from a 1944 radio tribute to WVCX Sitka [Alaska] and one of the two stations [the other was KODK Kodiak] generally accepted as being the first Armed Forces Radio stations going on the air in 1941.

The Radio Heritage Foundation now has over 30 features celebrating early AFRS stations across Alaska, Asia and the Pacific including KODK Kodiak 1941 [] and a full

1941-1958 guide to the AFRS Alaska stations including all the original known outlets [].

Amongst the main features are AFRS Japan, AFRS China-Burma-India and AFRS Jungle Network which detail many now long forgotten stations in long forgotten theaters of war along with some rare images.

There are features on many individual stations such as WVUS New Caledonia [from the famous Mosquito Network], WVUG Anchorage, KMTH Midway, WXLG Kwajalein [a Pacific Ocean Network outlet], WXLI Guam, WVTK Leyte, WXLE Eniwetok, and KTLG Sangley.

This month, Homer Willess, founder of WVUV American Samoa will be making his first visit back to the islands since 1942, and his inspiring story of island romance and radio can be enjoyed today at

From Alaska to Antarctica [WASA McMurdo] and all points of the Pacific in between, AFRS radio has entertained servicemen and women and local listeners for 70 years. We're delighted to record just a little of the fascinating heritage of these stations and encourage anyone with memories, photos or audio of AFRS stations to make contact with us.

In the meantime, please let your friends, colleagues and family know of the AFRS Armed Forces Memories features that can be enjoyed right now at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Chiquita began in April 1945, featuring latino hits.  I've never been able to find out who she was but it was a nice presentation.  The show continued until at least 1955, probably being followed by Vance Graham "Victor" with Spanish Music.

I Wish We Had This

The British Forces have a very active website, with live streaming, that anyone can access.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AFKN reunion

Brian Hartzell (AFKN 1972-73) is trying to put together an AFKN reunion in San Antonio.  First part is just getting a mailing list together.  Were you at AFKN?  When?  What did you do?  Contact Brian at

Friday, July 29, 2011

AFVN Paul A Bottoms 1969

Paul enlisted in 1967, leaving his job at KEWI radio. A year later he was in Vietnam, where he stayed for two tours from July 1968 to June 1970. By volunteering for a second consecutive tour, Paul was able to cut five months off his service obligation.
He spent the first month at Chu Lai working in the information office, before being selected to visit the Saigon station in preparation for bringing television to AFVN's Detachment 7. Although on TDY, he did not leave Saigon again. He was assigned a six-hour night shift, including hosting the "Orient Express" show, which ran from 0100 to 0400 hours. Later, he did the "Dawnbuster" show, but with a pre-recorded version of the elongated "Good Morning, Vietnam" sign-on. For a time he was designated "Chief Announcer." He remained on TDY status for the entire two years, which meant that he had to return to Chu Lai for outprocessing when he rotated back home in June 1970.  (Biography from, be sure to visit).

Paul A. Bottoms 1969

SOme wonderful found tape from 1969

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bob Moke 1983

Thanks Bob for making these and making them available.  It's time for Program 5 of the series that Bob Moke did for the network.

Bob Moke #5 1983

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swingtime 1945 with Bob Crosby

Bing Crosby's brother Bob was a big supporter of the troops and always made himself available to AFRS.  His Swingtime DJ show presented some great bands, sometimes live sometimes from radio transcriptions and sometimes from commercial 78s.  Bob presents trumpeter Erskine Hawkins.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Book By Chris Noel


West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America ( July 3, 2011 --

Pin-up girl Chris Noel appeared in films with Steve McQueen, Richard Chamberlain, Elvis Presley, and Dennis Hopper. She had torrid affairs with some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks, and even dated Frank Sinatra! Then, as a disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio, she turned her daily program, “A Date With Chris,” into a smash hit around the world. Chris had our boys in Vietnam listening to her every day, and dreaming of her as their favorite pin-up girl every night. These are her intimate true confessions, packed with juicy behind-the-scenes gossip and illustrated with rare, beautiful photos!

"Chris Noel helped create '60s pop culture." -- From the introduction by Nancy Sinatra

Reading "Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl" is like opening a beautiful time capsule from the Sixties. From her role as a rotating regular on Gene Roddenberry's "The Lieutenant" to her first film, "Soldier in the Rain," starring Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason, Chris had a habit of being where groovy things were happening. When Elvis Presley was rocking America, Chris appeared with the King in "Girl Happy." When Richard Chamberlain was the hottest thing on TV as "Dr. Kildare," Chris appeared with him in the film "Joy In The Morning." When beach movies were capturing the teens of America, Chris starred in "Beach Ball" with Edd Kookie Byrnes of "77 Sunset Strip." As the Swingin' Sixties got wilder and wilder, Chris co-starred in a biker gang movie with Dennis Hopper, and appeared partially nude in "For Singles Only." Chris has captured all the craziness of Hollywood the first half of this gossipy photo-biographical memoir, a story told mainly through hundreds of rare, unpublished pictures.

The second half of the book deals with an event that dominated the Sixties: the Vietnam War. Blessed with a voice sweet as home-made sugar, Chris was hired by the Pentagon to do a daily, hour-long radio show that was broadcast to our troops in Vietnam and around the world. Every day, the storm clouds of war were temporarily lifted by a ray of sunshine -- a radio show called "A Date With Chris." But our fighting forces couldn't SEE Chris. What did the sultry-voiced vixen LOOK like? The debate raged until "Stars and Stripes" ran a pin-up of Chris on the beach in a bikini. That picture became THE classic Vietnam pin-up, and it appears (in close-up) on the cover of "Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl." Now our soldiers knew -- the vixen was no vixen at all -- she was a blonde bombshell! An angel who had fallen from heaven down to earth. A stand-in for every guy's girl back home. Our men in Vietnam made Chris their favorite pin-up girl. Chris visited Vietnam during the war -- not once but EIGHT separate times. Once she performed with legendary comedian Bob Hope. And, many years later, Chris opened Vetsville Cease Fire House, a shelter for homeless Vietnam veterans, which has since been expanded to welcome all military veterans.

"Confessions of a Pin-Up Girl" is 180 pages of glorious color, featuring dozens of sexy pin-ups of Chris, most never published before. They're awesome! If you love the Sixties, if you love Hollywood gossip, if you've been touched by the Vietnam War, and (especially) if you love pretty girls -- this is the book you have been waiting for!

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Bob Moke 1983

Bob Moke 1969 at AFN

Time to return to that great show that Bob Moke did for AFRTS.  We're up to program #4.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AFVN News, 1973 with Robert Morecook and Gerry Elliott

Nowadays Bob leads the AFVN group at yahoo. Gerry I worked with at SCN in Panama. I heard later he ended up at Ft Lewis. What happened after that?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

AFN February 1991

Bernhard in Germany sent this along.  I've presented piecces before.  The first Gulf War would end any day.  The broadcast was from AFN SHAPE.

AFN SHAPE 2/14/91 4 hours

He didn't want to miss hearing the end of the war on AFN so he started a reel in the morning.  It's full of surprises.

Friday, May 27, 2011

AFN is off the air ...

May 25, 2011- The American Forces Network Europe (AFNE) is adjusting its radio broadcast signals to help State German officials hosting a huge outdoor multi-concert bash, Hessentag.

German telecommunications officials asked AFN to temporarily turn off the 873 AM transmitter in June because heavy car traffic will be routed by the normally remote AFN radio transmitter on the way to a newly created field parking lot. Workers also need time to set up and take down concert stages, lights and temporary buildings, and they are bringing in cranes to do it. The Hessentag festivities and concerts run June 10-19 in Oberursel, Germany.

"Our German neighbors asked us to temporarily turn off our 873 AM Power

Network transmitter in Central Germany for concerts with Linkin Park, Bryan

Adams, the Scorpions and scores of others," says AFN Europe Commander

Colonel Bill Bigelow, "During that time, we'll broadcast to our American

audience in Wiesbaden on 1143 AM from another location."

While 1143 AM's 1,000-watts of power will reach Americans stationed in

Wiesbaden, the temporary transmitter doesn't have the reach of AFN's

150,000-watt transmitter in Weiskirchen, which reaches American commuters in

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Hanau and Giessen.

AFN Europe will put 873 AM back on the air July 1st.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pick A Year, the 1950s

The 1950s

1950  1951 1952  1953  1954  1955  1956  1957 1958 1959

Bob Kingsley 1973

For those of us "a certain age" Bob Kingsley WAS the American Country Countdown.  That's why listening to his AFRTS rock show is so fascinating.  It's a style that really bridges the gap.  Take a listen:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

AFN Nurnberg 1984

Time for Mike Kimbrell from "The Tower Of Power"

AFN Nuremberg. Studio im Grand Hotel (1950 - 1956). Studio at the Grand Hotel (1950 - 1956).

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

McCadden Place

Photo given with permission of GySgt Jack A. Holsomback, USMC

This rather anonymous industrial building is where the magic happened.

Photo given with permission of GySgt Jack A., Holsomback, USMC

A very lucky GySgt Jack A., Holsomback, USMC sits with Chris Noel in DaNang getting ready for an appearance on AFVN Channel 11

Quick look at DINFOS

Over the years a lot of military broadcasters took their civilian skills to AFRTS, sometimes with formal training, sometimes without.

The Army began their Army Information School in 1946 at Carlisle Barracks PA. In the following years the school did varying degrees of joint service training until 1951. That was the year that The Armed Forces Information School opened at Ft Slocum NY. The Navy operated their own school at Great Lakes.

1964 brought us the Defense Information School at Ft Slocum, moving to Ft Benjamin Harrison in 1965

In 1992 DINFOS was merged with the Defense Photography School (DPHSCH), and the Defense Visual Information School (DVISCH) at Ft Meade MD.

Every year DINFOS graduates another 4,000 Public Affairs professionals.

DINFOS is where a lot of memories began.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Garry Moore, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney

Thought you might enjoy this.  Garry Moore explains the Radio Code.   It was voluntary, but done away with in the early 1980s.  Times are different.  After that Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney share some great music.

Garry Moore-Crosby and Clooney

Bob Moke 1983

Thanks for the response on the Bob Moke shows.  Heckuva jock.  The series continues with program 3

Monday, April 18, 2011

Martin Block 1954

Martin Block had the first really big DJ show in the 1930s and made a huge career after.  WNEW blanketed the eastern United States, he did several shows for the networks and for AFRTS.  His one on one style served him very well.

It's an interesting story: