Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Night Stand - 1945 - Cab Calloway

For "One Night Stand" AFRTS would repackage music remotes from the states.  It started during WWII and continued for about 20 years.  Cab Calloway was a great talent.  I had him on the show once when I was a boy DJ in Minneapolis.  In 1973 him and Anita O'Day were in a packaged oldies show.  Great music then, great music now.

AFRTS anniversary - Command Performance 1947

2017 will be the 75th anniversary of AFRTS.  The 70th was largely ignored.  What should we do about it?  LaRita Shelby was saying that we could have the beginnings of a committee on this.  There's enough lead time.  Who has ideas?

In 1947 the network was five years old, and the stars came out..

Chris Noel - 1969

Thanks again Chris Noel!  For a lot of troops you were the thing that made a hard time livable.

Chis is an active facebooker.  You should say hi! Click here

Monday, February 23, 2015

Radio Novels - 1967

The Radio Novel is sort of a mystery.  No one knows when they were recorded or for whom.

AFRTS was airing hour long ones on 1965, by 1967 it was a half hour.  They repackaged a lot of shows, but if that was the case there would be an occasional known performer.  In 1967 it was part of the Voice of Home.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

AFRS Alaska - 40th anniversary

There's a lot of great video stories.  Larry Rogers shared with us the 40th anniversary of the Alaska network.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chris Noel - 1969

Chris began in show business in Mister Roberts on stage with Hugh O'Brien, then kept very busy.

Chris's filmography from imdb Working with Elvis and being in Soldier In the Rain, incredible.  Starting in 1966 AFRTS got Chris in "A Date With Chris", a pretty incredible piece of radio.

She's also been a prolific writer.  Her latest book is about filming "Cease Fire" with Don Johnson.  Click Here

Monday, February 16, 2015

Matt Willoughby AFKN - 1976

I joined the Army in 1973 with a guaranteed enlistment for DINFOS. I tried to join before to go to Vietnam but my brother was a helicopter pilot over there then and they wouldn't let me go because of the sole surviving son rule. So when I could join they weren't sending anyone to Vietnam anymore. I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone watching SCN and decided to go into broadcasting since I had some radio experience in Arizona when my parents retired. I met my wife Kim at DINFOS and we got married. I was first assigned to SCN but when the Army learned we were married it assigned us to Korea. She was assigned to the Public Affairs Office and I to AFKN. I did radio and television news until 1976. But I convinced Bob Zix to let me do a half hour album rock show with him and others that was recorded and aired late nights. We each DJed our own show. Bob liked my show but the brass didn't like the format and it was canceled. After processing out of the Army in 1976 I went on to jobs in television and radio in Arizona, Washington, D.C..and North Carolina. I am now retired and recently got a job working part time at a Cabelas store in Garner North Carolina. Kim became a teacher and is now retired as well.

It would be interesting if anyone remembers this patch some of us made up.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Random TP

The "Top Pops" series were the weeks hits, issues from 1962-75.  It made a pretty incredible oldies library...

TP-43 RL7-4 1964

Shelby Flint-Little Dancing Doll
Jack Nitzshe-Lonely Surfer
Nancy Wilson-Tell Me The Truth
Billy Abbott-Groovy Baby
Kim Weston-Love Me All The Way
Gene McDaniels-It's A Lonely Town
Floyd Cramer-How High The Moon
Cliff Richard-Lucky Lips
Bill Purcell-Pride
Jackie DeShannon-Little Yellow Roses
Peter Paul and Mary-Blowin In The Wind
Bill Anderson 8 x 10
Burl Ives-This Is All I Ask
Claude King-Scarlet O'Hara

How many of THOSE are still being played on the radio?

Pendleton Story - 1951

In 1951 there were a lot of radio actors and not a lot of work.  AFRTS was creating historic, patriotic radio

 "The Threat". The "XYZ" Affair threatens relations with France, the Alien and Sedition Acts threaten American freedoms. Lamont Johnson, Vic Perrin, 

Lamont Johnson had a long, successful career from Let's Pretend to Tarzan, Dragnet, Escape and the Whistler.  As a director he was a part of Peter Gunn, Twilight Zone and Name of The Game.

This recording is from a 1967 re-issue.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jerry Thomas - Sounds of the 60s - 1967

It's another show of your mostly MOR favorites.  We did keep the Colonels happy.  I can't find anything about this one.  It almost sounds like one of the shows that Capitol sent out...

Shirley Bassey is Jerry Thomas' special guest.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chris Noel - 1968

Chris Noel brought America to troops worldwide with a A Date With Chris.  She's dedicated her life to the troops.  I'm grateful.  Now Chris has a shelter for homeless veterans Click here.  She saved most of her shows and is sharing them with us.

Monday, February 9, 2015

AFN Jim Collinson - 1970

Jim Collinson is back with the greatest hits on 1970 on the "Stateside Sound Survey"

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

AFVN and the Tet Offensive 1968

The page about AFVN and Tet 1968 has been updated.  It's an important part of our history.
Take a look.  Click here

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

AFN Bob Cultis 1984

From AFN Germany, Bob Cultis has your country favorites on Country Style.  DO you have more information?