Thursday, January 28, 2021

Ronnie Landry 1959


Ron Landry was later a part of Hudson and Landry.  He started in radio in 1954 at WJMA in Orange, VA.  After a few years the lights of Roanoke called.  1958 Ron was drafted into the army and worked for AFRTS in NY.  Private E2 Ronnie Landry was picked up by the network.

When he left the military it was the big time, WDRC, WBZ.  1969 he conquered Los Angeles.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

En Espanol


The network tried to reach out to everyone. There have always been many Latino soldiers.  Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, every latino country has been represented.  In World War II "Chiquita" was one of the first AFRS shows directed to this audience.  In 1955 the show was still running. 

There was a wide variety of talent over the years.  At the end of the big network years we had Mary Helen Barro.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Gene Price 1990


Our visit to Soesterberg continues with Gene Pierce, er Price make another hour of magic.  Listen to the PSA at the beginning.  Talk about a non-denial denial...

Charlie Tuna 1973

Photo: Charlie with Jessica Alba
Charlie Tuna?  Always great.  How did he do it, always a great show and as close to perfect consistency than anyone.  There have been a lot of greats over the years but for a Dan Ingram or a Larry Lujack there's changes over the years.  Charlie never really changes, he nailed it..  Let's revisit 1973, it's Thursday.  Stay Tuna'd. Visit the Charlie Tuna website


Roger Carroll 1973


Roger Carroll taken at sea on the USS  Voladore sub SS 490.broadcasting KMPC show

Roger Carroll 1973

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