Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Bob Kingsley 1973


For those of us "a certain age" Bob Kingsley WAS the American Country Countdown.  That's why listening to his AFRTS rock show is so fascinating.  It's a style that really bridges the gap.  Take a listen:

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Roger Carroll 1981


Young Roger at WMFD

There's always time for a Happy Hour.  When I was working civilian, one time I had a PD wondering how I could do so many "universals".  To him that meant being able to do a break without necessarily doing a station promo or talking about the record.  I learned it from the Roger and the AFRTS-LA talent.  Many thanks.

Roland Bynum 1981

 Roland's back in the Creators Corner with your Thursday favorites on American Forces Radio

Rocketing Rhythms 1961


We counted them down.  The first rock countdown show was Rocketing Rhythms, usually hosted by Jack Brown.  Today Jack is on vacation and KLACs Bill Stewart steps in with the hits from the pages of Cash Box.  Here are the pre-Beatles years hits!

Monday, March 28, 2022

Jim Pewter 1968


Time for Brother Jim.  A couple of years before this show, Jim was up in the division area in Korea on AFKN.  The "songs you forgot to remember" has never been more appropriate.  

Chris Noel 1970


Chris's book "Vietnam and Me".  It's highly recommended.

But right now, it's 1970 and time for a Date With Chris


Friday, March 25, 2022

Charlie Tuna 1982


Charlie with Stan Freberg.

When you ask about AFRTS radio, Charlie Tuna is one of the names remembered most. Charlie was with us from 1972-96 and was doing the most consistent show I've ever heard. Legendary for a reason

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

FEN Automation and Tokyo Calling 1965


Awhile back Monte Jones had some informaton about the automation system at FEN in the late 60s.  I thought something capable of segueing the ETs and putting the news on the air was very high tech for the times.  Norm Medland was there before Monte and he had some information:

Henry Yaskell was way ahead of his time from the automation system to tropo scatter to distribute the net up the line to Misawa and other places; Kuma Station and Wakkanai in the far north of Japan. In addition to the voice network to our outlying stations, we also had a teletype network and a fulltime employee to type and send printed newscasts to all the stations. Yes, they could have had all news prerecorded on tape and I believe Henry wanted that but it pushed immediacy back by at least an hour and the programmers would not allow it.

Automation basic brain may have been a Harris-made unit, but not sure. Henry had at least four turntables connected along with a bank of ampex tape recorders and several cart machines. It used a room about 20x20 and had one fulltime GI and a Japanese engineer plus probably a GI engineer. Time hacks were automated and the unit could switch between functions and the news booth and production studios. A lot of local production done on tape like “Tokyo Calling.”

It took a lot of tending and no one but Henry thought it saved any manpower. Still, it was ingenious and way ahead of most broadcast stations. I worked at a station in Sacramento after I retired that was automated with a Harris-90 with just a bank of tape playback units and two production studios. Very simple by comparison.

FEN even had on loan from Sony an early portable tape unit that rode around on a cart much like a current day audio visual cart with a few shelves. Not very portable and weighed a couple of hundred pounds. This never worked properly and wasn’t used in the field that I know about. Our audio equipment was the best you could buy, and programming concentration was totally audio. I think we had a least six Nagra tape recorders. We were just a radio station, (no TV at all), and the network feed, but we were very good. Great talent in house. Unfortunately many of them are now deceased. I am certain we would have made money in any market in the United States.

I was just a buck sergeant and staff sergeant as I left, but had worked radio in Denver, San Diego, and small Iowa stations before arriving there. I wasn’t bad, but others there made me look like an amateur.

From January 1965, here's Burr Hoyle:

FEN FM automation c 1983 (Photo: Jon Yim)

Monday, March 21, 2022

Jerry Bishop 1977

 There were very few places where we aired the network shows on FM.  Parts of AFN in Germany and Spain and Torrejon Spain. That;s what makes Vicente's recordings of the station all the more welcome.

It's a Monday and almost Christmas 1977 and time for the Bishop.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Don Tracy 1980


It somehow doesn't seem like it could ever be Monday with Don Tracy on deck.

Coffee Break 1978


Bruce Phillip Miller did "Coffee Break" for AFRTS.  His day job was at KIIS, he had been at KWIZ and KKDJ prior.  Later Bruce was the Captain in the "Alien Worlds" radio show.

Pull up a chair and take a Coffee Break.