Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Roland Bynum 1980

Roland's back with some really wonderful music.  Partytime starts now!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Chris Noel 1968

Chris Noel is an amazing story if you haven't heard it already take a look at her website.

She still does so much more than she has too.  Vetsville is a homeless shelter for veterans that she keeps running.  Make a contribution, go to her website and buy something.  It helps.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jim Pewter 1981


Picture from Jim Pewter, copyright Playgound Productions

Barry White was a big man, with a big voice and a big talent.  He stopped in to talk with our friend Jim Pewter.  Jim and Barry had been friends since 1966, producing sessions for Mustang and Bronco records in Los Angeles.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

AFRTS at 50, FEN at 30

The history of AFRTS was published by AFRTS in 1993 to celebrate the anniversary. It's been impossibly out of print. This is a reprint. If you'd like to read it online Click here

Far East Network

The Far East Network was headquartered out of Japan and at times FEN was the callsign of stations in several countries. There was an interesting history. Air Force SGT Jim Dougherty has the highlights of the first 30 years.

FEN 30th anniversary 1975
More of our anniversaries

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Charlie Tuna 1993

Been too long since we've heard from Charlie Tuna.  Charlie always brought magic, KOMA, WMEX, AFRTS and seemingly every radio station in southern California. Visit Charlie's website at http://www.charlietuna.com 

Mary Helen Barro 1983

Let's pause for a little break con la musica mas buena in el mundo.  Mary Helen Barro brought latin music worldwide over AFRTS.  Here's a 1983 visit.

Joe Allison 1969

Birth Name: Joe Marion Allison
Birth Date: October 03, 1924
Place of Birth: McKinney, Texas 
Deceased: August 02, 2002
Place of Death: Nashville, TN

Joe Allison had a phenomenal career.  Take a look at his biography at the Nashville Songwriters Foundation, Click Here
From that wonderful cache of late 60s shows, here's Joe in 1969 with the Country Corner:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wolfman Jack 1972

Wolfman is available in syndication and could warm the hearts of your listeners... More information

Jim Pewter 1979

This is nice, about an hour excerpts of Jim's shows with the music not scoped.   We went to different high schools together.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy 75th Birthday!

Defense Media Activity
AFN Broadcast Center (Public Affairs)
News Release
Media Contact: +1 (951) 413-2319
Public Contact
DSN 312-248-1319

No. 06-2017 - May, 9, 2017

AFN: Serving the Overseas American Military Community for 75 Years

George A. Smith

The American Forces Network (AFN) provides overseas U.S. military, DOD civilians and their families force protection information and a touch of home with radio and television entertainment, news and sports.

The Armed Forces Radio service began May 26, 1942. Since then, America’s military broadcast
network has operated under many different names. AFN followed American warriors wherever they
served, even on U.S. Navy ships afloat. Today, the overseas military audience we serve knows us
simply as “AFN.”

While millions of Americans serving overseas have tuned in AFN for popular entertainment, the network has served as a crucial tool for commanders to reach the force and their families, both on and off military installations, with critical information.

During World War II, the network communicated messages to American forces advancing in Europe via mobile radio vans. In 1991, broadcasters in the Philippines became a lifeline when the Mt. Pinatubo volcano erupted catastrophically and forced evacuation. Amid the horrors of September 11, 2001, AFN communicated force protection guidance from commanders, regarding additional security measures and threat vulnerabilities, updates on airline flights and travel and provided information on the changing global threat level. When the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, AFN coordinated its radio, TV and social media platforms to provide real time updates on damage, recovery efforts and ongoing hazards. Following the 2016 terrorist attack at the Brussels airport, AFN Benelux became the American military’s trusted source for real-time information, synchronizing radio coverage and Facebook posts in a series of force protection updates spanning the attack and its aftermath 

Today’s AFN stations enjoy advantages unimagined generations ago. Radio is now just one part of a force protection and entertainment triad that includes television and social media. Once a single channel, radio now offers a dozen different audio services and streaming Internet radio. A single channel of AFN television was a big deal a generation ago. Now, the network offers eight. Social media didn’t exist in 1942. Now every station and the AFN Broadcast Center use social media to interact with the audience.

More enhancements are on the way. Later this year, the AFN Broadcast Center will send out all eight
television channels in high definition and field a new decoder allowing direct-to-home customers to record programs on two channels while watching, pausing and fast-forwarding a third. Sailors serving afloat will get their AFN sports, news and entertainment in dramatically improved clarity.

What hasn’t changed in the past 75 years is that the American Forces Network continues to provide the most deserving audience in the world, America’s warriors, with a touch of home, by providing real time force protection messages, and the very best live entertainment, news and sports from the United States.

Roland Bynum 1980

It seems like yesterday.  Great music and wonderful talent.  Here's a 1980 visit to the Creators Workshop.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chris Noel 1968

 Chris Noel

A while back I was called by someone with a week of Chris Noel shows.  He wanted to know if I was interested.  Safe assumption that was.  So from late 1968, A Date With Chris

AFRTS 1979

In October 1979 Vincente was recording the Torrejon station.  We'll hear from our AFRTS-LA friends  Kris Erik Stevens, Wolfman, Johnnie Darin and a bunch of surprises.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jubilee 1944

Ernie Whitman

What a great show.  In the early years, Jubilee featured the best African-American entertainment.  On this new Transfer it's Ernie "Bubbles Whitman" hosting Tiny Bradshaw, Loumell Morgan and more.