Thursday, June 23, 2022

JIm Pewter 1980


Photo: Gene Price, Charlie Tuna and Jim Pewter

I was in Jim's old neighborhood last week.  He lived in St Paul, just a little off of University Avenue.  It's still the same houses.  Working class then and now. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Charlie Tuna 1983


"Boss Angeles" Charlie was one of the guys that made KHJ happen.  The things Bill Drake did with that station had a lot to do with every top 40 station in the United States.  Charlie started there in the mid-60s and went with us in 1971.  Thanks for the memories.  Stay Tuna'd!

AFRS Iceland - JIm Rourke 1971

Jim Roark checked in with his memories of AFRTS in Iceland:

Karl Phillips directed me to this site: he worked the Nite Owl show on nights when I was off. I was full time at the radio station from sometime in 71 to sometime in 73. Prior to that I volunteered as Karl did, canning an oldies show called Shake, Rattle and Roark from 70 to 73. Other DJ's from that time were Tom Weicks (mgr), Mark Lazar (Morning Man), Tom Hughes (drive time), Bob Howard (replaced Tom) and Karl. We were given credit by someone for introducing rock music to the Icelanders.

I i left Iceland in 1973 and got out of the navy in October. In November I started the radio/electronics course at Elkins Institute in Atlanta, took the FCC exams in February and got my 1st and 2d Class licenses. As for any further broadcasting, my father, who put DJ's just slightly ahead of used car salesmen, sent me to law school (which occupation, it could be argued, was beneath both of the above).

I practiced law for 12 years then became a judge. I got my old band back together in 2008 and played for two years. I'm now remastering some songs I wrote in Iceland, one of which has been selected to appear on an album.

AFRS Reykjavik -  Jim Rourke 1971

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Don Tracy 1981


This was from a really nice bundle of transcriptions. Some were very challenging to transfer.  I just finished getting them all transferred.  This was probably the roughest one.  A great show, Don Tracy in 1981.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Kris Erik Stevens 1980


Kris Erik Stevens sent in a nice promo picture for the collection (pictured). Kris had been a legend in Chicago radio before Los Angeles. Thanks! 

Erik Stevens 1980

More Kris Erik Stevens

Gary Owens 1969


Thanks Jerry for sharing these, they were airchecked off of the Thailand network.  I finally heard from Gary, letting us know it's okay to share these.  When I was a boy DJ, I kept the postman busy with incoming KMPC airchecks.  Amazing.  We lost Gary 1in 2015.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Jazzbo Collins 1969


Jazzbo was the swinging jock on WNEW New York.  Hard to explain, but in 1969 he brought the Purple Grotto to AFRTS.

Ira Cook 1965


a 1967 show

Ira was with us for a long long time.  His easy-going ways and stories made the time go by well into the 70s.  Today it's Friday and Ira's ready for the weekend.  Henri Rene the artist of the day and Alan Sherman.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Love with Tony Pigg 1971


In 1971 no one was even sure what AOR was but Tony Pigg was doing it in New York at WPLJ. AFRTS was rockin..

"Love" with Tony Pigg

Love With Tony Pigg - 1971
More Tony Pigg

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

John Doremus 1967


The shows generally came in on two transcription albums.  When a set got split, usually it remains gone.  Recently I found the other half of several John Doremus shows.  John Doremus was only with the network for a couple of years.  Years later he'd do the occasional PSA or special broadcast.  Folks around the networks would speak of him with awe.

Bob KIngsley 1975


For someone who went on to host American Country Countdown, Bob Kingsley could sure rock up a storm.  Bob was an Air Force AFRS Iceland vet.  Take a listen:

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mel Blanc - Are You A Genius 1944


Mel Blanc was an amazing talent.  The voice of Warner Cartoons, a regular on the Jack Benny show and the man behind getting Story Lady syndicated.  During WWII Mel did a show for us.  Funny, fresh and time flies.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Tom Campbell 1971


Tom Campbell is back with what's happening stateside.  Today we see what's going on in Honolulu from KPOI.

Tom has sent over a bunch of shows that he did and his best wishes.  Enjoy!

Roger Carroll 1981


1961 KMPC Xmas party

Never enough of "The Best Sounds In Town".  Here's RC with memories of 1981

Herman Griffith 1967


An oddity is most any radio personality that some sort of a biography is not available for. Even I'm listed under a station I used to work for in Wikipedia. Herman Griffith was working at KGFJ in the early 60s (was Hunter Hancock still there?) and doing a show for AFRTS. The AFRTS show continued into the early 70s. It was great radio, give a listen...

Part of our continuing tribute to the young and the old, the brave and the bold...

Friday, June 10, 2022

Date With Chris 1969


Chris Noel and Mel Carter

We'll always owe Chris Noel a debt.  Doing the shows, visiting the camps.  Even now when she runs a shelter for our homeless brothers.  

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Jim Pewter 1982


PROGRAMMING--PFC Doug Broxon points out the programming schedule to SP4 Jim Pewters.  PFC Broxon is responsible for the "Morning Report Show" from 6:15 to 8:00am.  SP4 Pewters show, "The Music Man" is from 4:05 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Photo by PFC Ray Lambert)

The picture is from Stars and Stripes in 1964, taken at AFKN Radio Cavalier.

Jim knew Don French at KFWB and asked for some promos.  French suggested that Jim drop the 's' from Pewters.  At the time, Roger Christian, Bill Ballance Sam Riddle and Gene Weed were rocking KFWB.

In 1982, Jim was still playing the greatest hits. 

Charlie Tuna 1973


Charlie and Michael Jackson

I used to do the morning show in Panama then run the Charlie Tuna show...and listen.  Charlie had an awful lot of what we wanted to grow up to be" Years later I was working at a station in Manchester and the PD was asked me how I could do content that wasn't cliché "topical" or "music related" but was 'one on one'.  It was something I think we learned from all of the AFRTS guys, but Charlie in particular.

Thanks for the memories!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Don Tracy 1980


So in 1980, I would have played this show on SCN in Panama, getting ready for "Evening on the Isthmus".  Waiting for Don Tracy playing out...

Jerry Bishop 1979


 The Bishop Show.  This is from January 1979.  This starts with Johnnie Darin, then the show and a visit with Gene Price.  Great listening.  So is it Jerry Bishop from KFI, or someone else?

Pete Smith 1975


Dinnertime, the evenings... AFRTS had your easy favorites from Jim Ameche, John Doremus and Pete Smith.  Interesting stories wove with a mix of fine orchestras.  It's something not heard anymore.  Here's Pete Smith with a 1975 broadcast from AFN Frankfurt.  Many thanks Ray for making it available.

Friday, June 3, 2022

RIP Gene Price


Some sad news:

 Gene Price passed away last night. He'd been ill for the last couple years with various ailments. 

I'm forwarding the email I received tonight from Gene's wife Janet.
Marc Yablonka
From: Janet Price Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 11:20 PMSubject: Yesterday
Dear Marc, Rudy and Cathy,Sad to tell you that Gene passed at 8:24 last night. He had been holding his own for quite awhile, but began declining quickly at 4:30 p.m.We were married for 52 years, tho wanted more. But God wanted him Home, so grateful for every memory.You were special friends and I do appreciate all you have meant to us both.

From happier times, a few years ago I got Gene on the phone.  He was a very special person

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Johnny Bond 1961


Johnny Bond did a lot of songs, movies and had a long term radio gig with AFRTS. has much of his music click here  He brought the back home music

AFN - CMA Awards - Dick Beacham


Hans sent this one in.  In 1978 AFN Europe celebrated the Country Music Awards with a series of shows from all over the network.  Here's Dick Beacham with the first part