Friday, September 29, 2023

Jim Pewter 1976


 Jim shared this 1969 picture with Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. 
Picture was taken at AFRTS and is copyrighted Playground Productions. 
Used with permission.

I'm thinking SUMMERTIME, cue the Jaymies, Billy Stewart or Eddie Cochran. Jim Pewter knew these things. Every day an encylopedia of the music. I learned a lot.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Don Tracy 1980


Don Tracy now!

The weekend is coming up.  You can be sure because it's time for a Don Tracy Friday show.  He always kicked it up to get us ready.  Don has some projects in the works.  Hope to hear from him soon.

Chris Noel 1970


Here's Chris Noel with another hour of great music and memories.

Chris is on facebook, you should say "hi"!

What were your memories of the show?

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Joe Ferguson 1983


It was a discussion we had many times ""There's no one good in Milwaukee, Miami, Dallas or anywhere else?"  In 1983 the network bid out contracts with talent from all over the country.  Joe Ferguson from Portland OR was with us for a while.  On this show, Joe talks about being a dependent and in the radio club at AFN.

John Doremus 1969


John Doremus has your music for the dinner hour

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ronnie Landry 1959


Ron Landry was later a part of Hudson and Landry.  He started in radio in 1954 at WJMA in Orange, VA.  After a few years the lights of Roanoke called.  1958 Ron was drafted into the army and worked for AFRTS in NY.  Private E2 Ronnie Landry was picked up by the network.

When he left the military, it was the big time, WDRC, WBZ.  1969 he conquered Los Angeles.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Charlie Tuna 1976


KCBQs Charlie Tuna and the winners

Charlie was the wakeup voice to the world for a quarter century.  Taught a lot of us how to do it better.  On todays show a visit with Lily Tomlin...

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Coffee Break 1977


Bruce Phillip Miller has more or your MOR favorites on "Coffee Break"

Joe Allison 1963


Joe Allison was a songwriter, performer, record company executive and a DJ.  Joe came along around the time of "Modern Country" and was responsible for modernizing "Hillbilly" radio.  It was great.  I just remastered this, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Wolfman Jack 1983


Wolfman was the only one that we'd get complaints about.  First thing I did at SCN when I could was get his airtime changed from 3am to 8pm.  There was only one Wolfman, I'm proud we had him.

Roger Carroll 1972


From 1972 Roger has the latest on your opportunities in the USAF.  It's the the best sounds in town!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Melody Roundup - Roy Acuff

 Melody Roundup was the "country show",  In the 1940s many local stations did live country programs.  Sometimes they'd send copies to AFRS.  The network would edit these to fit in the 15 minute program.

Roy Acuff was country music from WWII until well through the 1980s.  Lets visit Roy in 1945.

Mary Turner 1985


A lonely GI really wants to hear a female voice, Mary Turner continued in the tradition of GI Jill, Rebel Randall and Chris Noel and spoke to the troops

Andy Mansfield 1963


In 1963 the loss of Glenn Miller was still fresh.  Here's part two of Andy Mansfield's tribute.  He did a great job and talked with a lot of the people that knew Glenn.  

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Roland Bynum 1979


So when in you're in Los Angeles, or streaming Los Angeles radio our friend Roland Bynum is making it happen weekends on Stevie Wonder's KJLH Saturday mornings from 6-8 (Los Angeles time).  Click here

But in 1979, Roland rocked the world for AFRTS!

BIll Stewart 1969


Amazing talent from KMPC

Don Browne has some insights: Not all AFRTS-LA radio show hosts methodically recorded their programs at the beginning of the RU 8-week cycle-to-air. Of course, all AFRTS stations and networks held the RU "on the floor" for an additional 3-weeks as a protection for four-class mail delays enroute. The only exception was AFVN in Saigon, RVN who aired the RU and RP ("Date With Chris") the week that it was received. Saigon had daily flights from Travis AFB, CA and didn't have to worry about delay in four-class mail deliveries.
Bill Stewart, and a few other hosts, recorded and stored their shows at AFRTS-LA for four to six months prior to air. Although the programming was 5-55:00 at the beginning, it was considered "ever green" by the LA producers. Bill Stewart never mentioned "it's the Monday edition" or "it's the Tuesday edition" the way Roger Carroll did for his 5-55:00 series. I believe this was due to the inordinate delay in recording the Bill Stewart Shows. He just didn't know what day the show was to be aired!
When Bill Stewart says "this song is a new release", it really isn't. . .it's four to six months old!
Because of the long "lead-time" in recording the Bill Stewart Shows (at the request of Bill himself), I reviewed and logged a year of the Bill Stewart Show to determine if there was a detrimental effect on the program. This took about two weeks of auditioning the pristine discs in the Library of Congress. I saved the "Bill Stewart logs" when I retired from AFRTS in January 2001.

The core artists most likely to be featured on the 1-110:00 series Bill Stewart Show were: Mel Torme, Buddy Greco, Damita Jo, George Shearing, Andre Previn, Les Brown, Ted Heath, Artie Shaw, Peggy Lee, Anita Kerr Singers, Nelson Riddle, David Rose, and Burt Bacharach. The "Bill Stewart logs" began with #733 RU 41-9 (April 1969) and ended with #790 RU 47-0 (May 1970). In this series, Bill Stewart used Hugo Montenegro's rendition of "Palm Canyon Drive" as a bridge (or bumper) between Part 2 (the "b" side) and Part 3 (the "c" side).
In #734 RU 42-9 (April 1969), Bill Stewart remarks "This is the beginning of the Twenty-fifth Year of AFRS (nee AFRTS). . ." in the beginning of Part 4 (the "d" side).
In #749 RU 5-0 (August 1969), Bill Stewart remarks that Henry Mancini's rendition of "Crocodiles Go Home" from the soundtrack album "Hatari" was his "bridge theme" (between Part 1 and Part 2) when the show was 5-a-week (5-55:00).

Although the AFRTS-LA records are not accurate, due to the numbering scheme, the first Bill Stewart Show was probably #1M in RU 27-6 (January 1966). Around #651 in RU 1-9 (July 1968), Bill Stewart was demoted to 1-110:00. An easy way to rank AFRTS-LA radio show hosts was by the number of disc sides that they recorded. 1-25:00 or 1-30:00 was one side; 1-45:00 or 1-55:00 was two sides; 1-110:00 was four sides; 5-55:00 was ten sides. So moving from 5-55:00 to 1-110:00 was considered a demotion.

Bill Stewart is back for another swinging hour.  It's a little jumpy near the beginning but it fills the Bill..

Friday, September 15, 2023

Jim Pewter 1981


Come and get your memories.  Jim's back again with another great half hour.  Starts with the original version of a song made huge by the Beatles. Jim was one of us and it shows up on every show.  They don't make music like this anymore.  No one ever presented it better.

Don Browne has more: All AFRTS radio programming records are spotty, but Jim Pewter is more complicated.

Jim Pewter started his AFRTS-LA career in January 1967, presumably with #1M in flight RU 27-7. His "oldies" specialty show was initially 5-25:00 and lasted about two years. About March 1969, just in time for my arrival at FEN, Tokyo, JP, Jim Pewter was demoted to once a week at 1-55:00. I made a note of it in my FEN log when I reviewed show #366, RU 41-9 in April 1969. The Jim Pewter Show 1-55:00 lasted for about seven years (364 weeks)!

Then at the start of the Bicentennial Year, the Jim Pewter Show was promoted to 5-30:00 with (approximately) #752M in flight RU 1-76 (the first transitional quarter) in January 1976. Because of the long period of one-per-week, the numbering system was in complete disarray. For five-per-week, Mondays, which normally started with xxx1 followed by Mondays as xxx6, instead started with Mondays as xxx2 followed by Mondays as xxx7.

If Jim Pewter continued his 5-30:00 "oldies" show through the transition to Unistar/SMN satellite programming in October 1995, his final cassette-delivered program would have been (about) #5961F in flight RC 52-5, December 1995.

Don Tracy 1980


Don Tracy in Hartford

A few years ago I had a chance to chat with Don.  I wish I'd have taped that.  Interesting guy.  Longtime AFRTS favorite.  Right now, some magic.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Chris Noel 1968


Just had a nice chat with Chris.  Great lady.  "The Voice of Home" at it's absolute best.

You should read her story "Vietnam and Me", Chris's republished first book.  Highly recommended.

The face of home to thousands of Vietnam era troops was Chris Noel.  She has spent the past several years running a homeless shelter for vets, in Florida "Ceasefire House" click here.  Our less fortunate brothers need your help.  Please consider helping.

A few years ago Chris sent her collection of shows to us so that we could hear them again.  Thanks Chris!!!

Here's a memory of 1968...

Joe Ferguson 1983


Something very cool that our network did in the early 1980s was do a series of shows from personalities all over the country.  Joe Ferguson from Portland OR radio donated his set of shows.  Suddenly it's 1983...

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

John Doremus 1967


I remember John Doremus and his overnight show, syndicated on some of the biggest AMs in the states, when there was such a thing.  In flight music, without the flight. We had him on AFRTS.

Gene Price 1974


Gene Price updates us on the benefits of joining todays all volunteer force!  These programs would run on local radio here in the states and be credited as 25 minutes of Public Service time.  Very popular on Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Mary Helen Barro 1983


Mary Helen is back with more of your Latina favorites.  I can see the palm trees...

Charile Tuna 1976


Charlie was the wakeup voice to the world for a quarter century.  Taught a lot of us how to do it better.  On todays show a visit with Lily Tomlin...

Joe Allison 1968


Couple of years ago I found many of these programs. Joe's style was a graceful transition from Hillbilly to modern country. Mr Allison was a songwriter, music executive and a bit of a philosopher.

Country Corner - 1968

More Joe Allison

Monday, September 11, 2023

Wolfman Jack 1976


Are you ready to rock and roll baby?  Wolfman has the good on a 1976 show for the Air Force.  Delicious...

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Roger Carroll 1970


Roger's back with a 1970 visit.  On today's broadcast Roger gets a mola from SCN, wonder if it's still around.  He's really having fun on this one, enjoy!

Mary Turner 1985


And we were proud to have her.  Mary started her show with us in 1982.

From her official biography:
From the mid ‘70s to the early ‘90s, Mary Turner was the most popular female air personality on contemporary music radio. She was the highest-rated disc jockey on L.A.’s legendary KMET, the host of “Off The Record,” Westwood One’s nationally syndicated interview show, which aired on more than 300 stations weekly, and the host of the “Mary Turner Show” on Armed Forces Radio. After leaving radio in 1994, Dr. Pattiz attended UCLA where she became a certified drug and alcohol counselor and began working in the field of substance abuse. She received a Doctor of Psychology degree from the California Graduate Institute—now affiliated with The Chicago School—in 2008. Today she continues to be active in the field as a counselor and group leader and serves on the boards of DARE, the Musicians Assistance Program, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s COACH for Kids, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' MusiCares, the Betty Ford Center, and the Betty Ford Institute. Dr. Pattiz was married to the late Norman Pattiz, founder and chairman of Westwood One Companies, and lives in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Roland Bynum 1982


This would have been a disk that I would have played way back when.  Roland Bynum soulin through a Wednesday in 1982... Good Bynum!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Chuck Cecil Big Band Countdown 1979


Chuck Cecil started playing the music of "The Swingin Years"s on KFI in the late 50s.  Those oldies were popular and he was on AFRTS in 1960.  On the Big Band Countdown, Chuck would pick a time and Count 'em down.  The show ran well into the 1980s.

Joe Ferguson 1983

 The majority of our programming was created at the McCadden Avenue studios.  A lot of US syndicated programming found its way to us.

In 1983 they tried something different.  AFRTS-LA reached out to jocks all over the country to do a series of shows for the worldwide audience.  Joe Ferguson from KUPL in Portland OR was one that signed up.

"Actually my first radio was as a dependent high school student in the radio club, but it was in the castle at AFN Frankfurt..  

 Then after college as a DA civilian with Southern European Network, or SEN as it was known then."

  Joe is sharing all of those shows with us.

Thank you Joe!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Gene Price 1973


When I arrived in Panama and was settled into the temporary quarters in 1980 there was Gene Price.  Gene and Leonard had a long run on the network.  Gene followed fellow KFOX vet Charlie Williams as one of the AFRTS country voices and truly made the show his own. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient 1947


In the late 1940s, radio was changing.  AFRS had a mission of educating and did several productions of their own with great casts.  In 1947  Daws Butler and Howard Culver starred in this production of "Pearl Of The Orient" a story of the Philippines.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Gary Owens 1969


From the "familiar love theme" to the ongoing silliness.  Gary did some wonderful radio. Gery's last big job was the announcer on AntennaTV.  On this show Gary has some guest to talk about old movies. He'll be missed.

Charlie Tuna 1983


Charlie with the Gibb brothers

Los Angeles radio is Charlie Tuna. Charlie went from KOMA to WMEX then one of then to KHJ and made that happen.  Charlie went to the network in 1971 and was there until the change in 1976.  Woke a lot of people.