Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Joe Allison - 1969

Joe Allison, songwriter, promoter and DJ.  Joe was one of the first to de-hillbilly Country music DJs. It's a fun listen.  Joe Allison, The Country Corner, 1969

Continential Varieties 1961

In 1961 Dick Crawford and "Continental Varieties" took a look at English artists performing Latin songs and Latin artists performing English songs.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wolfman Jack - 1978

Wolfman SURVIVED. The 1950s, the English Invasion, Motown, AOR. He'd connect with his audience and make magic. He always sounded so comfortable.

Wolfman Jack - 1978

More Wolfman Jack

Command Performance - 1949

When the war wound down AFRS had a lot more of the new stars getting it out there for the troops.  In 1949 Steve Allen was starting his career.  Command Performance with Steve, Margaret Whiting and Jack Smith.  It's a great listen.

Roger Carroll - 1973

The Happy Hour is now!  Roger Carroll checks in for the USAF.  Arie had saved this record all those years and was a special part of his collection.Thank you for sharing this!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Roland Bynum - 1973

What great music.  What a wonderful talent.  Time for another visit with Roland Bynum.  This is another of the recruiting shows that Roland did for Roger Carroll Productions.

Chris Noel - 1971

Some rock, some ballads and a voice from home.  Chris Noel.  You have a Date With Chris.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas in Korea - Jim Pewter

Jim Pewter with Little Richard and Bumps Blackwell 1966

Jim Pewter sent this along,  Greetings during the Christmas season 1964.  At the time I was PFC Jim Pewter, soon to be SP/4.  I wrote Don French, PD at KFWB Los Angeles and requested the DJs send a holiday greeting to Radio Cavalier, which later became radio tomahawk.

In 1959 Don French was the PD at KDWB in St Paul.  Don added my beta single Little Girl b/w Blue Blue Denims to the KDWB fab 40.

Greetings from, Johnny G, Larry McCormick, Bill Balance, Roger Christian, Gene Weed, Joe Yokum, Sam Riddle.
From 1958-1963 KFWB was the best top 40 station I ever heard.  Later when I returned I became close friends with Roger Christian and co-hosted rock n roll shows with Bill Balance.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Andy Mansfield - 1962

Andy and Virginia

Andy Mansfield must have had quite a record collection.  He played the oldies starting in the 1950s well into the 1960s, first with wife Virginia on Turn Back the Clock.  The later show was Americas Popular music.  Lots of big band music but visits back to acoustic records of the 1910s..

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bill Stewart - 1969

Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Leonard Feather

Bill Stewart swung.  He played a lot of the best of jazz.  AFRTS had a lot of famous guests on the radio shows.  Leonard Feather had a unique role in the history of jazz, responsible for a lot of legendary recordings.  By the 1950s he was documenting the "Encyclopedia of Jazz" with a lot of first hand knowledge and friendships.  In 1969 volume two had come out and Leonard made an appearance on the Bill Stewart show..

Don Tracy - 1986

Monday already?  Well it was in 1986 and Don Tracy takes the edge off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chris Noel - 1967

Chris Noel's life is a movie that really needs to be made. Model, movie star she found her muse with Date With Chris on AFRTS during the Vietnam war. It's an incredible example of how to speak directly to an audience. She still stays busy helping the troops with the Ceasefire Home for disadvantaged vets. It's a good cause.

Chris's website is over at and always worth a look.

Date With Chris - 1967

More Chris Noel

Joe Ferguson - 1983

The majority of our programming was created at the McCadden Avenue studios.  A lot of US syndicated programming found its way to us.

In 1983 they tried something different.  AFRTS-LA reached out to jocks all over the country to do a series of shows for the worldwide audience.  Joe Ferguson from KUPL in Portland OR was one that signed up.

"Actually my first radio was as a dependent high school student in the radio club, but it was in the castle at AFN Frankfurt..  

 Then after college as a DA civilian with Southern European Network, or SEN as it was known then."

  Joe is sharing all of those shows with us.

Thank you Joe!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

GI Journal - 1945

Linda Darnell hosts a special anniversary show for GI Journal.  GI Journal was one of the big variety shows where the stars came out for the troops.

Roland Bynum - 1973

I think we need another word for old-school, when it was new.  Roland has some great music and news about your opportunities in the Air Force.

John Doremus - 1967

Music about hands and letter writing... It's the John Doremus show..  Wonderful stories wound into beautiful orchestral music.

AFVN Billy Williams 1972

Billy in Danang

Sept. 4, 1972 Saigon/Network Orient Express I recovered the aircheck from an old cassette.It was recorded off the air somewhere in SVN and sent to me by a listener.  Mostly complete except for when the tape was turned over near the bottom of the hour.  Not the best of quality but an idea of what we sounded like in the field.  More information about the recording.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gene Price - 1974

Gene Price and Marc Yablonca at a 1981 remote at Universal on KLAC.

Here's Gene in 1974 on the Country Express.  There's some great opportunities in today's army!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Downbeat - 1946


By 1946 Gene Norman was building quite the name as a jazz promoter.  He was also doing Downbeat for AFRTS

Ira Cook - 1965

It's another timeless interlude with Ira Cook

Young Ira left Duluth MN to attend Stanford University to get a medical degree.  The radio bug bit and IRa was a radio announcer/music librarian.  He served in WWII and was there for the Battle of The Bulge. In 1949 he started with KMPC.  He was a professional songwriter and actor.  He was one of ours.

Joe Ferguson - 1983

From Portland, Joe Ferguson brought America to the world.  There was a project where several top jocks recorded shows for AFRTS.  Joe was the first.  Joe sent his shows in to hear once again.  Thanks Joe!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dick Sinclair 1925-2016

The world has lost a wonderful person. Dick Sinclair passed away on October 14, 2016 at the age of 91. He lived polkas and for 6 decades kept the Polka Party on the air.  In the 1950s and 60s Polka Party ran on AFRTS.  Dick's real claim to fame for us would be he was in the first class off WWII broadcasters, training at Fox Studios for the brand new AFRS.  Dick did his WWII time at the station on Guadalcanal.  I really wish I had had a chance to speak with him,  We've lost a piece of history and a great broadcaster,

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Date With Chris - 1967

Chris Noel did some pretty amazing things for us, the AFRTS-LA shows, toured dangerous areas.  Today she keeps up the good work with her home for homeless vets.  For details on how to help Chris and other veterans please click here

A while back Chris made her copies of the shows she did available to us.  I'm honored to make them available.

One Night Stand - 1955

One Night Stand had a 20 year run.  Radio had broadcasts from the big bands from all over the country, sometimes aired locally, sometimes over one of the CONUS network.  Starting in WWII they sent recordings of these shows to AFRS.  I wish I had both parts of this but it's a 1955 visit with Les Elgart, from the roof of the Hotel Astor in NYC.

Mary Helen Barro - 1983

Las musica latina de Mary Helen Barro.  She did a great job bridging cultures.

Charlie Tuna - 1979

For a while in the late 70s, Charlie Tuna was backed with Wolfman Jack.  Wow...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Joe Allison 1969

Capitol recording artist Joe Allison has another hour of your country favorites

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

If Freedom Failed - 1951

If Freedom Failed was a 1951 project to explain to the troops what communism meant.  The best of Hollywood's star did some informative radio.  Today John McIntyre stars in "Suicide By Order"

Roger Carroll - 1977

Roger is working on a new project, it may be a bit before there's news on this but I bet you like it...