Saturday, July 13, 2024

John Doremus 1967


It's been a busy day and time for orchestral music and stories for the dinner hour from John Doremus.

Gene Price 1974


Gene Price starts our week with some 1974 fun for Todays Army..

Thursday, July 11, 2024

AFRTS Guam 1965


"Would you like some tape from the Guam station?"  AFRS Guam was there in 1944.  Radioman Cousin Mike held down the fort on the "Night Beat". I believe that's from the Naval Communication Station at Finegayan, Guam.

It's a pretty good hour..

Chiquita 1955



Starting in 1945 Chiquita Juarez  started her show for our Spanish speaking troops.  I wish I had more information on Sre Juarez.  She showed up on at least one Duffy's Tavern and had smaller parts in several movies.  For AFRS, she was Chiquita...

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Charlie Tuna 1982


Which kind of jockey?

Suddenly it's 1982, another morning show done and time for Charlie.  Over at Charlie's website he has an interview with the late fitness guru Jack LaLanne (is there anyone he didn't have a conversation with?)

Monday, July 8, 2024

Harry Newman 1985


Harry's daughter shared the following:

My dad was a HUGE fan & supporter of those in the military & was thrilled that one of my daughters was born on Nov 10...just a few hours away from Veterans Day. He ALWAYS reminded me when Veteran's Day was coming, bc he just had so much reverence & respect for those who served. And if I happened to be visiting in November, we always ate out on the 11th!

And Harry was the voice of "Cops".  On today's show, it's a summer day in 1985 and Ed Bruce stops by.

Wolfman Jack 1980


Young Wolfman probably at AM daytimer soul station KUXL Minneapolis. Did he ever do a bad show?  It's 1980 and Wolf rocks the world...

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Roger Carroll 1967


Roger Carroll with some swinging memories of 1967.  On with the Happy Hour!!

Mary Turner 1983


Mary Turner and Ted Nugent

Mary Turner was the opposite of GI Jill and Chris Noel, a broadcaster that was a female, it kept with the times, yet still was the girl left behind.

When Mary started her show we were concerned about how an hour of slamming rock and roll would go over.  I knew the troops would love it but the Colonel.  The Canal Zone civilians?  They really liked to complain.  It went over great and was a wonderful addition.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Herman Griffith 1968


Jim Pewter, Herman and Roger Carroll

Herman was the first of the really great soul jocks at AFRTS.  He was making waves at KGFJ and went worldwide.  Herman was the one that brought Roland Bynum in..

1968 was great year for music.  Take a listen: