Friday, August 30, 2013

From The Library....

I am so grateful when someone chooses to share their radio shows through this blog.  A lot of you have sent your air checks in and it's great.  It's a perspective of the stations that just can't be done any other way.  Thank you.  Its what this is all about.  AFN, AFKN, AFVN, SCN  and the rest.  I hear similarities and differences of my experience.  I hope that you do too. 
Every week the AFRTS-LA guys were presented with copies of the transcriptions that we used in the field.  Like anyone who's ever been a DJ most of the time they weren't saved.
Joe Ferguson was the first of the AFRTS guys to send his transcriptions in for us all to hear.  Those 1983 shows were the same ones that I had run in Panama. 
Last month, Roger Carroll sent in a huge box of ETs of his shows.  I was glad.  Didn't have enough Happy Hours.  Once again the same programs I had run before.  I've talked with about his life and career. 
A few weeks ago Chris Noel asked if I'd be able to take care of and share her shows.  The logistics on that one were a story in themselves.  Chris managed to save most of her shows.  You will be hearing them.
I'm honored to have the chance to transfer these and make them available.  Thank you Chris, Roger, Joe and everyone else that's shared with us.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

AFRTS Adak Alaska - Michael Brown 1970

A while back Michael Brown send a bunch of shows that he did in Adak.  Time for another, this was shortly after he arrived...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sound Off - 1942

Johnson Mercer has more of the countdown you called for in "Sound Off".  Sound Off is older than AFRS.  These programs were distributed on 12" vinyl like V-Disks.  I've heard there were disks with rebroadcasts of network shows, I've just never actually seen one.  The joint is jumpin'... Sound Off!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charlie Tuna - 1988

Still looking great and being awesome.
Charlie was with us a quarter century, right up to the end.  I think we all stole something from him.  Thanks Charlie!
Here's a 1988 visit with the Honorary Mayor of Tarzana, Charlie Tuna.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

AFRTS Record labels

How many of these do you remember?  We're taking a look at the 12" program disks.  The 16" used many different labels and numbering schemes.  The library disks added  a lot of labels too.

In about 1960 the network transitioned from 16" to 12" records.  The first label for 12" was the same as the last one for 16".  It's formatted a little differently because of the size.

For cataloging these disks have "Call Dates" stamped in the runoff grooves (Due 9/22/61).  That seems roughly comparable to the week numbers on the labels starting in 1963.

The only exception seems to be for Rocketing Rhythms/Capitol Cloakroom, presumably because the material was so timely.

There's still no easy way to date a program disk.  In approximately 1963 they stopped printing in color.

In early 1964 we start getting week numbers.  The 7-4 on the following disk indicates it was shipped week 7 of 1964.  In 1967 Christmas week was week 25.

In 1967 the black ink was replaced with blue ink.  For a long period they used multiple fonts.  That was apparently at random.

The late 60s blue labels had a notable exception.

In 1969 the labels started getting stylish...

In 1970, a full redesign that looked sharp.  This was the first label for the newly renamed American Forces Radio and Television Service.

Very shortly after that a hipper redesign.

In 1975 another label change to a mustard-yellow color.  Recently I heard that the idea was to make it look like a gold record...

In 1976, we went for silver records...

In 1978 another redesign:

In 1982 a redesign.  This was the longest used label in network history.  It was used until the end of vinyl transcriptions.

An that's what I know about these things.  If I missed something please let me know.

January 2017 Don Browne from AFRTS had more information Click here

Frank Bresee is on the air!

Some good news in the mail...
Hi Thom,
I am Frank Bresee's producer on the Yesterday USA Radio networks.  Frank was on AFRTS from 1965 to 1994 with his Golden Days of Radio show.  Roger Carroll mentioned you to Frank and I am dropping you a note.  Frank is still on the air with me on Friday night at 7-30 Pm West coast and his Golden Days Radio show is heard during the week at different times on our networks at 

Take care,
Walden Hughes 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

USAF Recruiting PSAs

Before you go home, I need you to knock out some recruiting spots...
Roger Carroll's company put these together with the assistance of Ralph Carmichael's wife Vangie and his daughter Carole who did the arrangements and vocals.
RC had done recruiting projects for the Army, Air Force and Navy. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sagebrush Theatre 1970

From 1942 onward the radio networks sent their shows to AFRTS for rebroadcast to the troops.  The network saved those and over the years repackaged them many times.  I'd love to see a picture of what the library looked like at McCadden Place.  Comedy shows, Mystery shows.  This is from Western shows.  "Fort Laramie" starred a pre Perry Mason/Ironside Raymond Burr. 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Countdown August 2013

Here are the most popular shows of the last two weeks!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jim Ameche 1968

Jim Ameche had the relaxing sounds.  He had a high profile easy listening show.  Jim's career started in 1930s radio as the original "Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy"

When brother Don Ameche left the Chase and Sanborn Show, Jim signed on as the announcer.  He had many successes in the Golden Days of Radio.

By the 1950s he was a successful DJ in Los Angeles and New York and started syndicating a nationwide DJ show.  Around this time he signed with AFRTS and continued well into the 1960s.  We lost Jim in 1983.


Wolfman Jack - May 1977

Weekend is here, let's rock with the Wolf.  It's 1977.  I was at AFKN.  Where were you?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Frank Bresee update

Good news from Roger Carroll.  Frank Bresee had a stroke a while back.  Rehab is going so well that he will be vacationing in England.
  In the late 1960s and early 70s, Frank Bresee would stop by Roger's KMPC show and share memories of the Golden Days of Radio.  Here are a couple of visits.  Thanks RC!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


A Lot of our AFRTS-LA friends are on facebook. 

Gene Price

Charlie Tuna

Roger Carroll

LaRita Shelby

Chris Noel

Roland Bynum

Do you know any others?  They'd all like to hear from you!

Bob Kingsley 1975

Bob Kingsley, while serving with the Air Force in 1959, began his radio career at the Armed Forces Radio Service station in Keflavic, Iceland. He jocked at Los Angeles country station KGBS, 1961–69, then in 1970 became program director at KLAC, which had just dropped MOR for a country format.
In 1974 he became the producer of American Country Countdown, eventually becoming the host in 1978.
In the 1970s it was Bob Kingsley rocking AFRTS.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wolfman Jack 1977

Ladies and gentlemen, Wolfman Jack would like you to join the Air Force.  This guy could SELL.  It's an amazing skill at that level.

Downbeat 1942

We didn't quite exist yet, but there were plans. The War Department was distributing radio programming on 12" disks. These disks could be sent wherever the troops were. Welcome to Box B.

AFN Small World 1964 George Church

Ted Herring sent this along.  Thanks Ted. 

Spike Jones, Marilyn Monroe and Ken Murray
In 1964 Spike Jones brought his brand of crazy.  He stopped by to do a show with George Church.

Spike Jones had an interesting life Spike Jones at Wikipedia