Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chris Noel - 1969

Chris Noel has memories on "A Date With Chris"

Don Browne has details "Date" was started expressly for the Vietnam War to counter AM broadcasting from "Hanoi Hanna". The first show with Chris Noel was aired 12 December 1966, 5-55:00, RP 23-7. As the Vietnam War began to wind down in 1969, the last AFRTS 13-week "flight" of 5-55:00 was 14-0 to 26-0 (Oct - Nov - Dec 1969). "Date" was demoted to "flights" of 1-55:00 and the last-ever Date With Chris AFRTS 13-week "flight" was 27-1 to 38-1 (Jan - Feb - Mar 1971).

Roland Bynum 1977

Time for another visit to the Creators Workshop with Roland Bynum.

AFN Berlin 1973

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Concert Hall 1947

We did a lot of classical music.  During WWII, Lionel Barrymore started doing "Concert Hall" with live performances.   The program continued for many years.  Edward Grieg's "A Minor Concerto" in a 1947 broadcast.  Recently I've picked up a lot of great classical broadcasts. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Roger Carroll - 1977

Roger Carroll with Doc Severenson

Roger Carroll had an interesting story about how he became a DJ:

"Many years ago when ABC never played records live orchestras were dropped TV was just starting . I was at TV  and told by my boss ABC Chief announcer  Dresser Dalhstead I was going to radio and play records on the network daily three hour record show (the older guys refused to play records) I told Dresser , a good guy I was a network TV announcer and I did not play records. Dresser's exact response "get your ass over to radio or you ain't gonna be a network announcer" .

Dress told me later he was even attempting to cross toes so he wouldn't   break out laughing with my response.

ABC started selling quarter hours and I was getting network talent fees then of course the older guys wanted to do record shows. Then I got afternoon drive on ABC O&O KABC and then the Cowboy , Gene Autry offered ask me to come over to KMPC when my ABC contract ended...playing records was the best thing that happened in my long career"

It was a good thing for everyone.  Thanks Roger!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Mary Helen Barro - 1983

This was home in 1983.  Panama was a beautiful place.  Beaches, ocean, music.

Here's Mary Helen Barro,  Bailar!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

If Freedom Failed - 1951


In the 1940s and 50s AFRTS did some nice Command Information shows.  They were in Los Angeles.  Hollywood's finest were available and wanted to do These are great.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

AFRTS Spain - 1976

This is fun.  Vicente recorded a bunch of excerpts from the Torrejon station in 1976.  An extended visit with Wolfman Jack.  We also hear from Don Tracy, Roger Carroll and Tom Campbell.  A basket of memories.

AFRTS Spain - 1977

We had quite a network in 1977, this tape features Don Tracy, Kris Erik Stevens, Roger Carroll and a bunch more.  Recorded from the Torrejon station by Vicente, thanks again!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AFN Earl Freudenberg 1973

Earl Freudenberg 1970 with Minnie Pearl

I originally had orders to Viet Nam in 1972..  Got to Oakland, CA.  It was worth it because a group of use got to go to baseball game.  They took us back in this Room and Gene Autry came out and shook out hands.  4 days later, Pres. Nixon diverted a group of us to Germany.  I ended up in Heidelberg. 

When I Reported for duty the SGT learned I had radio experience and call Mr. Moore at AFNE and asked them if they needed a broadcaster.  He said we’ll Find him a job.  The Colonel was off that day for they used his car to take me to Frankfurt.  A SGT from Kingsport, TN said our country announcer Is rotating Friday, this was Tuesday.  He said we need a replacement to start next Monday.  That will be your program. 

They had not even heard my tape.  I made one. I Guess they liked it, never said.  Was accepted after being told what I was going to do.  Hosted “Town and Country” for over 12 months.  AFN program director Bud Miller did my introduction.  He died last year 2016.  I was told at that time that my  mail was among the highest.  Still have most of those letters.  Also did several other programs.  Filled in when other announcers were sick.  Came back home and worked in radio doing about everything anyone could want. 

Spent more of my career at WDOD.  I’ve posted a lot of pics about My career.  I was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame last May.  Radio was good to me for nearly 55 years.  Retired at the end of last August.  I tried to save as much as I could.  Put a lot of my stuff on reel and sent it back home to my parents.  A missionary friend of Mine in Germany who listened to me said the old AFNE building has been leveled.  Last picture is an view of German broadcasting.  You’ll see AFNE to the right. 
Several AFNers that were there when I was, Herb Glover, Dave Perry, Chris Davala and John Dedekis.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Good morning from AFN 1972

Earl Freudenberg shared a neat recording.  In every country, somewhere very early in the morning we would do a sign on.  Generally the stations were 24 hours so it's a programming element.

"This short announcement played every morning on AFNE at 5:55. It was the entire network when I was there in 1972-73.  Things Have really changed.  The 150,000 watt AM station at Frankfurt Went silent.  Don’t think there is anymore AFN Berlin."

The Berlin station went off in 1994, but AFN still serves.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

AEG Magnetophon

Been to Mecca. In Minnesota there's a museum that has one of Jack Mullin's AEG 'Magnetophon' tape recorders. The Nazis built these things and Mullens got two of them out right after the war. After being taken apart and improved, these were the genesis of Ampex. For testing, these were at AFN for a short time.

The Pavek Museum is in St Louis Park, Minnesota and is a house of memories,