Thursday, April 28, 2011

McCadden Place

Photo given with permission of GySgt Jack A. Holsomback, USMC

This rather anonymous industrial building is where the magic happened.

Photo given with permission of GySgt Jack A., Holsomback, USMC

A very lucky GySgt Jack A., Holsomback, USMC sits with Chris Noel in DaNang getting ready for an appearance on AFVN Channel 11

Monday, April 25, 2011

Garry Moore, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney

Thought you might enjoy this.  Garry Moore explains the Radio Code.   It was voluntary, but done away with in the early 1980s.  Times are different.  After that Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney share some great music.

Garry Moore-Crosby and Clooney

Bob Moke 1983

Thanks for the response on the Bob Moke shows.  Heckuva jock.  The series continues with program 3

Monday, April 18, 2011

Martin Block 1954

Martin Block had the first really big DJ show in the 1930s and made a huge career after.  WNEW blanketed the eastern United States, he did several shows for the networks and for AFRTS.  His one on one style served him very well.

It's an interesting story:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canadian Forces Network

Multinational?  This is a Canadian production aired on the British Armed Forces Station, in Germany..

The British have an interesting Armed Forces broadcasting service

Thursday, April 7, 2011

AFRTS for the family

When I arrived in Korea in 1976, I brought a very small screen TV and in the replacement camp saw my first AFKN, some sort of live puppet show.  In Korea accompanied tours were very hard to get.  Teenagers in Itaewon or Tongduchon...great idea.  On the radio, we ran a lot of soap operas.  Maybe for the General's wife. From 1962.

My True Story was one of the last of the soaps.  A Mutual program cancelled in early 1962

When I was in Panama, General Hospital was a rage even among the infantry.  Takes all kinds..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tom Gauger AFN Hoechst 1963-65

This is a 30 minute aircheck during a summer day in 1965 when I did AFN Frankfurt's mid-day dj show The Duffle Bag. The show was split into two parts with AFN News taking up 15 minutes at noon. It was a hot day and there was no air conditioning in the Castle.

I'm the DJ, Ken Larvick (now with Well Fargo in Wisconsin) is the studio announcer, Maury Cagle is the news reader. It's interesting that there is not a single actuality in the newscast as they were hard to come by in those days. We had to steal stuff via short wave, if the quality was good enough.

The second half of The Duffle Bag featured items for sale sent in by listeners.

I was at AFN in the old castle in Hoechst between 63 & 65. I did the afternoon local "Music Off the Record" (17:05-18:00) for a long time

Also, "Music In the Air," a network dinner-hour music segue for the officer crowd, 19:05-20:00.

Lotsa good times with Sgt Sam, station commander Col. Bob Cranston, PD Trent Christman and many others including the legendary Gisela Breitkopf, AFN's librarian and den mother to us all.

I came back to the states and finished up at WMAL in Washington during its salad days in the 70s & 80s. Later did a five year gig at ABC Radio News as a reporter/editor.

My best,
Tom Gauger

Janice from AFRS Spain was a big Tom  Gauger fan

Hi, Thom, and thanks for posting the words/images of Tom Gauger. When we left Spain in 1983 (after my second tour at AFRS Rota) and moved to the DC Metro area, we loved listening to WMAL-AM. It was SO DC and, as transplanted southern California native, it was my prime source for a wealth of local info. The on-air personalities were "traditional" radio types (e.g., Frank Hardin and Jackson Weaver, among many notables). Since I was having serious withdrawal from my years as a Navy Journalist. It was somehow soothing (comforting) to have that station "in my ear." I think I might ever have called Mr. Gauger once, after realizing that he, too, had been a military broadcaster.

I wish I could say good things about the state of local-area radio in 2011. Things have changed—most not to my taste, so now my daily "radio fix" comes from out local NPR station. But, I often think about what Mr. Gauger term WMAL's "salad days" and the delights of REAL radio. For that I thank him and WMAL colleagues.

Best Regards to all,


JR Gerde

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Roger Monroe worked in the Von Bruning Schloss 1957-58

. The castle was not only a wonderful and historic place to work, it was scenic and romantic. Some of the guys were fortunate to live in parts of the castle. However, most of us lived in a three-story house a block away. That's where we ate and had our living accommodations. We also had a club in the lower level of the castle where drinks were served. We were a part of the Hoechst community about as much as Americans could be. Heck, I even dated a beautiful German fraulein there which made my involvement in Hoechst even more personal. In retrospect, when I was offered the opportunity to extend my military commitment, I should've accepted it. I did sports and traveled all over Germany doing Army baseball games sometimes in uniform sometimes out of uniform. It was a blast. Shelby Whitfield joined the sports department later and he stayed and stayed, married a German girl and went on to bigger and greater things including serving as head of ABC Radio Sports and working with Howard Cosell and even collaborating with him in writing a book. I still admire Shelby.


The Return of Bob Moke

Received a lot of good comments from the last Bob Moke show. Bob said "As I recall, the idea was to contact former AFN jocks who were still employed in radio and ask them to produce five 30-minute programs per week for 13 weeks, at which time a different guy would take over. As I neared the end of my run, I was informed that my "replacement" had backed out at the last minute, so I did another three months"

It was some very interesting radio.


Joe Green has a website where he's getting biographies of MACOI
and AFVN members. It's some pretty amazing reading and a great

A lot of us from that era never went to Vietnam but AFRTS was
organic. Half of the people I worked with had done tours at

Joe said "I was a listener at AFVN Saigon, mostly to FM. I was strictly a lower-
echelon clerk. I was assigned to MACV Mail and Distribution, and lived
in Dodge City BEQ at the MACV annex until it became a BOQ, and then
I lived in a plank and screen barracks. I had collateral duties as relief
Top Secret Control Clerk, and Embassy Courier. For my first few
months in Vietnam, I had an off-duty job (paid by Army Special
Services) as assistant librarian at the MACV Annex Library."

See the names, remember the stories: