Sunday, March 31, 2013

AFRTS Guam 1965

"Would you like some tape from the Guam station?"  AFRS Guam was there in 1944.  Radioman Cousin Mike held down the fort on the "Night Beat".  It sounds like they're calling it Radio Finnegan,  Was it some non-AFRTS station run by the command?

It's a pretty good hour..

AFRTS Guam - Cousin Mike 1965

Update from John: I believe that's from the Naval Communication Station at Finegayan, Guam.

Friday, March 29, 2013


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

AFRS Iceland Karl Phillips 1971

Karl Phillips sent in more airchecks from Kevlevik.
"Before I joined the Navy in 1970 I was a part time gofer at WQXI 790 in Atlanta where I learned ratio from some of the greats...Skinny Bobby Harper...Randy Robins (who is still a close friend here in the Atlanta area) ..Bob Bolton, Barry Chase. Went into Navy and went to Iceland as first duty station. Found my way to the quanset hut where AFRTS was and got them to let me go on air all nights on my time off from my regular job as a CT (communications technician) on the base. Loved it and yes we did have fans. The board was old - big cumbersome and what I would call a boat anchor. Found out later DJ Bob Kingsley was there when he was in the service and saw where he had actually carved his name in the control board...."
The jury's almost in in the Lieutenant Calley case...

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Thanks for stopping by, most people that visit heard about this from a friend.  Thank you for sharing it.  Some of us worked at the stations, some were military that were listeners overseas, some were residents of the countries we were in and some worked at AFRTS-LA or AFRTS-BC.  We were all an important part of the story.

Did you save any tapes?  transcriptions? pictures?  memorabilia?  A lot of us would like to see or hear it!

Thanks to Linda and Erkan for their support!

Thanks for listening!

Thom Whetston
AFKN 1976-77
SCN 1980-83
(612) 356-2377

AFN Larry Rideout 1973

Larry Rideout used to do the Dufflebag Show from Hamburg.  In 1973 from Bremerhaven Larry featured Country music on The American Music Hall.
AFN Larry Rideout 1973

Thanks to Phil from Switzerland to taping, saving and sharing this:

American Music Hall Country from AFN Bremerhaven, also August 1973. It has a cut at 18 minutes, I guess because of a big static I stopped the recording at that time.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mark White 1995 from Berlin

Every three weeks or so Mark White, Rik De Lisle, Peter Dolle, Stan Green and Bill Gaylord get together for lunch at the Europa to look back at the good old days of AFN Berlin and to catch up with what's going on now. Its great fun and the food is good as well.

Robert Barker was in Germany in the early 70s, taped many nice things that we've heard here.  HE wrote a letter to Mark White.  Mark sent him this, a 1995 Big Band show that he did for JFK radio in Berlin.  Happy listening!

Radio JFK - Mark White 1995

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Whistler

The Whistler went on the network during World War II more or less continuously.  We were still running it 40 years later.

This is a 1962 rebroadcast of a 1950 show. An architect who kills his wife but then sees her face in a photograph. More murders must follow.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


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