Monday, April 4, 2011


Joe Green has a website where he's getting biographies of MACOI
and AFVN members. It's some pretty amazing reading and a great

A lot of us from that era never went to Vietnam but AFRTS was
organic. Half of the people I worked with had done tours at

Joe said "I was a listener at AFVN Saigon, mostly to FM. I was strictly a lower-
echelon clerk. I was assigned to MACV Mail and Distribution, and lived
in Dodge City BEQ at the MACV annex until it became a BOQ, and then
I lived in a plank and screen barracks. I had collateral duties as relief
Top Secret Control Clerk, and Embassy Courier. For my first few
months in Vietnam, I had an off-duty job (paid by Army Special
Services) as assistant librarian at the MACV Annex Library."

See the names, remember the stories:

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