Monday, May 9, 2011

Who is this guy?

What is he doing?


  1. The tape cartridges give it away! Probably taken in the 1980s, or a few years earlier. (It looks like the music was dubbed onto "carts" for easy cueing.)

  2. I'm betting mid 80s, but he's adjusting a level on the cart machine without watching (wish I could have done that)and is really fascinated by his left hand...

  3. We had a board like this when AFN Wurzburg went on the air. Above each pot there were two sensitive spots. You touch the top and the pot is activated; you touch the bottom and the pot is deactivated. He's turning on his mike, or he's putting the pot for the cart machine in an active position, (he's reaching for the top spot.) When activated, the spot would glow in red.