Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AFN 1954 Stickbuddy Jamboree

"I was with AFN 1954-1956 (Berlin and Frankfurt) and did a variety of shows....Hillbilly Gastehaus, Duffle Bag, etc. About the only tape I have left is a cassette of one show that went full-network. Great times at AFN those years. After discharge in 56, I went back to Texas radio where I had taken that "leave of absence" and worked briefly in Austin before joining KILT in 56.  On air PD till 62.  Then on air PD at WQXI Atlanta till 75. 75-85 owned part of a station in Valdosta, Ga.  Came to Carrollton, Ga. in 85 with WBTR.  Spent my last 10 years with 50,000 watt WKNG Carrollton before retiring in June of this year.  Total of 63 years in the business and with birthday #80 coming,  I figured that was enough.”  Red's a member of The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.


  1. hey Red.....
    just you, me and ole Nick Clooney left, I guess!
    my best from Ft. lauderdale
    stan major
    AFN 1955-56

  2. I was a foreign service child living in Ffm from 1959-1964. Tuned in to AFN 4 pm every day after school for Stickbuddy Jamboree, country music show. My tastes changed over time, but sure loved that program. G Roman