Thursday, October 6, 2011

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  1. Hi!
    I went to medical school in Frankfurt (Germany) in the seventies and Frankfurt incl. its surroundings used to be "The USA in Europe".

    During all those seven years in Germany the only radio station I ever listened to was AFN (Frankfurt). Really great to hear some of those highlights again. I used to tape some shows and I think some of those may have survived, but they must be of horrendous quality, having been taped from AM broadcasts with a small cassetteplayer. In case I bump into something special, I´ll send it to you.
    Nowadays the old US military influence has vanished for good; the only thing that still exists is the Rhein-main Airbase.

  2. First, almost always I can fix a poorly recorded tape! I think those were times that will be missed by all. I think that stations did a lot to bridge cultures wherever they were located. Thanks for visiting!