Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What AFRTS meant to me

Blogwatcher Mary sends along her impressions of AFRTS:

AFRTS meant a lot to me and my husband when we were stationed in Germany, Korea, and England. It was a voice of home when we were far away, helping us to keep in touch with America. It was also very entertaining. I liked Larry Rideout and the Dufflebag Show in Frankfurt, Germany. We went to church with him. Especially in a country where you don't speak the language, AFRTS was a lifeline back to America. What impressed me the most was the variety. AFRTS was aimed at all the G.I.s and their families and the civilians that were also stationed overseas. They managed to have something for everybody. A favorite while we were in England was "the Energy Rap," this G.I. who admonished us to save energy. I also loved seeing G.I.'s in uniform read the news. Thanks!

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  1. Oh, thank you for posting that! I also used to love how they'd admonish us Americans in Germany how to act: "In Berlin, Connecticut, it is ok to wear curlers in your hair out in public; in Berlin, Germany, it is not!" Or, "In Frankfurt, Kentucky, it is ok to hang out your wash on Sunday; in Frankfurt, Germany, it's not!" Little reminders like that were good.