Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday AFRTS

The birthday greetings are going to be a big part of our history and so far it tells an important part of our story.

Still time to get yours in!


  1. What a great idea and to hear old friends Ed Tooma and Gary Thompson. Great job Thom!

    Jim Johnson
    AFN Bremerhaven and Wuerzburg
    SEB Livorno
    AFKN Seoul
    Dinfos R/TV Instructor

  2. Well Thom my boy, you did good man! This is a wonderful thing you're putting together indeed! Merry Christmas to all the folks who made AFRTS
    so great! Jim Gough

  3. C'mon Jim Johnson, we need you on it too..


  4. WOW....I remember Linda (Blake) Thompson from her first days at AFN Stuttgart as a fresh DINFOS grad and then transferring into news at HQ in Frankfurt. Wonder if she has any air checks from those DJ days she wouldn't mind sharing?

    If had re-upped for 71R and stayed in for awhile, I sure would have been able to write my own ticket anywhere....and have a good career.

    SGT E5 RET Mark(Abbott)Erdman
    Long time AFRTS lover and veteran 28 year civilian broadcaster now PT with WDUX AM/FM Waupaca WI

  5. I echo Jim Johnson's comment. Truly a GREAT job. I also agree with Thom that we need Jim Johnson (and perhaps Lips Malone) on it too!

    mike kehoe - SEB

  6. What a great birthday card! The time I spent in New York and Taipei was truly memorable. I even moonlighted at WOR - TV's master control on the 82d floor of the Empire State Building. In 1965, it took about eight people to air "The Million Dollar Movie" including a live announcer in the booth.

  7. The whole production is finally done. Thanks to all.