Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AFN Mark White Around Berlin 1970

Mark White was America to Berlin.  A 30 year run anywhere is an amazing run.  Today the spotlight is on Charles Asnavour

This is the first part of Robert Barker's collection.  He was assigned to the hospital, had a reel to reel and made (and saved) some great tapes!


  1. Thank you Thom for this first post of several hours of the AFN-Berlin/Europe programming that I recorded on my tape deck while serving at the U.S. Army Hospital in 1969 and 1970. These tapes have been stored since I came back from Berlin and I brought them out of the closet a few years ago and started listening to them again. I finally got the software and equipment I needed to digitize them a month ago. I am pleased that I found your blog archive which publishes such material for others to enjoy and reminise with.

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  3. Dear Thom and Dear Robert!
    Thanks very much for sharing these historical tapes with us.
    This blog from Thom is unique and wonderful. I´d also sent some tapes to Thom and he did such a wonderful job to digitze them and put it here in the blog, so that everyone who´s interested in AFN/AFRTS can hear it.
    And thanks, Robert, for taping the programs of AFN Berlin around 1970. I´m very interested in these programs since I´m a big fan of AFN/AFRTS and because I´m a Berliner, AFN Berlin is very special to me. I´m in contact with Mark White and I will make him a copy of this program. I´m sure he will enjoy it also very much.
    Best wishes from good old Berlin!
    Chris Muermann

    1. Thank you Chris for your kind comments and thanks for passing this on to Mark White. I never met him when I was in Berlin but give him my greetings. It would be great to communicate with him if he would wish to do so.

  4. I can't wait to listen to these programs. I was at AFN Berlin in 1971 (Frolic at 5) and remember Mark White very well. I believe he was referred to as the "Second Mayor of Berlin". He was very well-connected and he was AFN Berlin. After I passed my audition at AFN headquarters in Frankfort, the Colonel in charge told me I was going to the "best assignment in the Army". He was right.
    20 years after leaving Berlin I was in a hospital in Butte Montana recovering from surgery when I heard a familiar voice on the TV. It was Mark White, voicing a documentary about Berlin. I'll never forget it, nor will I ever forget my time in the "divided city". Larry Sem, Helena Mt.