Thursday, July 19, 2012

FEN Okinawa - Ask What You Can Do 1981

Randy at AFKN

Randy Ashurst sent this along.  "Okinawa 79-83 was my 6th AFRT tour and I started on the morning show there as I had long been on the air in the service by then. In Nov81 the marine running radio said we had to do a special broadcast each holiday coming up. Next one was Veteran's Day and no takers so he went alphabetically. Me. so I  did a half hr show that was super. It won best in the Pacific, then best in air force then DOD with a Thomas Jefferson award for special broadcast.


  1. Hey Randy. I've been so busy lately that I haven't been paying to Facebook or my email. In any event everything is going great. Seeing this posting made me think of the places I was at starting with FEN Itazuke in 55-58. Then I was misassigned to Travis. I didn't get back into AFRTS until 1964 when I found myself on the way to Diyarbakir, Turkey. After that it was here and there until I retired at the end of 1976. It was always a great time no matter where I was assigned. Some of my buddies I still correspond with. Anyway, if I'm heading down to FLETC again I damn sure make time to drop by. Later guy. All the best to you and the family. - Jorj -

    1. Thanks Jorj, looking back in the rearview mirror I can't imagine any other job where we would have seen the world like this field does. The cast of characters we all worked with could fill a book or two. And I wasn't normal either. Ha Randy