Sunday, September 30, 2012

AFN Berlin 1970 - Henry Michaels

Robert Barker shares more memories of 1970 in Berlin:

AFN building Berlin 1945-79

Here is Specialist Henry Michaels hosting his AFN-Berlin morning Wake-Up Easy program from 26 Oct 70. It is apparent that Henry was still waking up at the beginning of his program for he misreads his time-check several times. Preceeding Michaels program you will hear a "Project Partnership" (the German word for tank is "panzier") promo, AFN Europe Morning sign on with the the songs of our armed forces, station frequencies, the National anthem, six hrs European time check, news with Jan Wood, USO Mail Call promo, Hymns from Home and NATO promo. Henry's program begins at 15:30 into the segment. Enjoy. Robert


  1. At 18:30 D.J. Michaels gives the artist as Neil Diamond, it was actually Neil Sedaka. A nice listen, here, as we get a load of speqs, news & waking-up chatter, as well as some musical pop gems from years past.

  2. I must have followed Henry at AFN Berlin. I did the Frolic @ 5 show for about 9 months in 1970, but I believe Ed Tooma was the Wake Up EZ host during my time there. I did substitute for Ed when he went to NCO acadamy for a week or two. Brought back some great memories though. I recognized the format and Pepper Tanner jingles ("here's the weather"). Also recognized Mark White in the Berlin Promo. Great times then. I've got some air checks from my show, which I can post when I get some time.

  3. I apologize this segment ends so abruptly. I had to get over to the hospital mess hall and get some breakfast and then get to the Registrar Office for my work day. Regards, Robert